How much does it cost to replace a CV joint on a Subaru?

Your car has multiple axle shafts, but in most cases, only one will need to be replaced….

Car 2015 Subaru OutbackH4-2.5L
Service Service typeAxle / CV Shaft Assembly – Driver Side Rear Replacement
Estimate Estimate$572.95
Shop/Dealer Price Shop/Dealer Price$698.34 – $1045.20

Can you just replace the CV joint?

CV joints and boots can be replaced individually, but most professional technicians and even do-it-yourselfers prefer to replace the whole halfshaft assembly with a remanufactured shaft.

How much does it cost to replace both CV joints?

The Best in Auto Repair The average cost for CV axle replacement is between $941 and $1,070. Labor costs are estimated between $136 and $172 while parts are priced between $805 and $899. This range does not include taxes and fees, and does not factor in your specific vehicle or unique location.

How do you know when a CV joint is failing or should be replaced?

3 Signs The CV Axles On Your Vehicle Need To Be Replaced

  1. Vehicle Will Not Move. Since the CV axles deliver engine power to the front wheels, If one of your CV axles has utterly and completely failed, the vehicle might not move at all.
  2. Grease On Inside Edge Of Front Tires.
  3. Rhythmic Clicking Noise When Turning.

How urgent is CV joint?

Failing CV joints pose a serious risk so be sure to get your car into your auto shop as soon as possible. If there is only a small crack in the outer CV joint, your mechanic may be able to simply replace the CV boot and repack the grease, but for any major damage, an entirely new joint is necessary.

Does a Subaru Outback have CV joints?

If you’re hearing a sharp clicking noise during sharp turns, your Subaru Outback may need a new CV axle.

How long does it take to replace CV joints?

between one and a half to three hours
Replacing a CV axle is a maintenance item that usually takes between one and a half to three hours to complete, depending on the vehicle and if other repairs are needed. A CV axle typically lasts for 70,000 to 130,000 miles, but the axles should be inspected for damage regularly.

Is CV joint same as CV axle?

A CV axle has two CV joints (an inner joint and an outer joint). These joints allow the axle to transfer the engine’s power to the drive wheels at a constant speed while accommodating for the different travel conditions, including the up and down motion of the suspension and cornering.

How long does it take to replace a CV joint?

Is CV joint and CV axle the same thing?

How do you diagnose CV joints?

Take a Test Drive

  1. Put the car in reverse. Then turn the steering wheel all the way to one side and drive backward in a circle. Turn the steering wheel in the other direction and repeat the process.
  2. If you hear a very pronounced clicking or snapping noise, there’s a good chance an outer CV joint is worn out.

What does it sound like when your CV joint goes out?

A worn-out CV joint also makes clunking sounds when shifting from drive to reverse; these sounds are usually deafening when accelerating in turns. You might hear cracks or breaks sound in the rubber or plastic boots around the CV joint. The car can also shudder or shake under heavy acceleration.