How much does it cost to get body panels painted?

Standard costs range from $1,000 to $4,500. Showroom quality: This process involves sanding the bodywork down to the bare metal, removing all the rust and dents and then applying up to 24 coats of high-quality paint.

How do you prepare new body panels for paint?

Dry sand using 180-grit sandpaper to remove rust or surface damage before moving on to a 320-grit paper to remove your previous 180-grit scratches. Whichever method that you decide, follow it up using 400- to 600-grit sandpaper to sand the paint to prep the existing paint surface for the new coatings to be applied.

How do you paint a new car panel?


  1. Step 1: Choose Your Location Wisely. Before you begin any actual painting, you will need to find a suitable location for your DIY project.
  2. Step 2: Remove rust, dents, and trim.
  3. Step 3: Sand.
  4. Step 4: Clean.
  5. Step 5: Tape Surfaces.
  6. Step 6: Prime.
  7. Step 7: Allow primer to cure.
  8. Step 8: Sand once more.

What is the coating on new body panels?

What Is EDP? EDP, or electro-deposit primer, is a protective coating that is applied to steel replacement automotive panels. This primer protects your panels during transport and storage and adds a layer of corrosion resistance after priming and painting.

How do you remove e coating?

The four main methods for e-coating removal include laser cleaning, burn-off ovens, sandblasting, and chemical stripping.

  1. Laser Cleaning.
  2. Burn-Off Ovens.
  3. Sandblasting.
  4. Chemical Stripping Solutions.

How long do wraps last for?

Under normal conditions, the average lifespan of a vehicle wrap is about five years. Another factor that can impact wrap lifespan is the installation process. A wrap that’s not properly installed can quickly start showing signs of wear, conditions like peeling or getting dirty under the wrap.