How much does IBR sheet cost?

Product Options

Description Cost
IBR GALV 0.27mm x 3.0m x 0.79m R 292.49 per sheet
IBR GALV 0.27mm x 3.6m x 0.79m R 351.4 per sheet
IBR GALV 0.27mm x 4.2m x 0.79m R 409.49 per sheet
IBR GALV 0.27mm x 4.8m x 0.79m R 468 per sheet

What lengths do IBR sheets come in?

IBR sheeting is available in standard lengths of 1.5m to 14m, although lengths of up to 20m are available on request. The permissible length tolerance for the standard-length range will be -0 +5mm.

What is the size of IBR roofing sheets?

IBR Roof Sheeting has a cover width of 0.686m. Thicknesses range between 0.3mm up to 0.8mm and lengths can be cut to the customers’ specifications.

What is the size of roof sheets?

The two most common widths are 26 and 36 inches. Other standard widths include 24 and 39 inches. When calculating coverage using the width and length of corrugated roofing, keep in mind that each piece will need to overlap by several inches.

How do you calculate roof sheets?

Divide the length of your roof area by 0.760 to determine the number of sheets you need. For example, a structure that’s 6.0m long is 6000 / 760 = 7.89 sheets. The next step is to round up to the nearest whole number for this example would be 8.

Is IBR roofing cheaper than tiles?

Chromadek®/ IBR Galvanised Sheet Roofing Contrary to popular belief, the sheet option is more expensive than choosing concrete tile covered roof. Sheets might seem easy and quick to install but be warned.

Can IBR be painted?

Paint Application IBR or corrugated roofing: Apply a primer or Fired Earth Extreme Roof to the prepared surface using a roller (wool or Synthetic type); brush or by airless spraying. Two coats are recommended for optimum durability and quality of finish.