How much does a yarder weigh?

These units weigh in at 93,800 pounds (under the legal limit for transporting in one piece). Legal move weight includes half a tank of fuel, your oils and cables on all the drums (excludes grapple weight).

What is a yarder used for?

A yarder is piece of logging equipment that uses a system of cables to pull or fly logs from the stump to a collection point. It generally consists of an engine, drums, and spar, but has a range of configurations and variations, such as the swing yarder.

What is a log champ?

Log Champ 680 Yarders – 60 ft Multi-System Swing Yarders With large capacity drums and brakes, our direct drive winch is ideal for traditional standing skyline logging, motorized grapple carriage with live skyline or full interlock grapple yarding with running skyline.

What is a tower yarder?

Yarders are equipped with drums holding the guylines necessary to support the tower. The number of lines used in the system will dictate the number of drums required on the yarder.

What is a talkie Tooter?

The Talkie Tooter® Radiowhistle system is used by logging operators to remotely initiate one or more successive “audio beeps” – whistle codes, which alert, quickly and clearly, all personnel in the area to the potential movement of wire ropes.

What is yarding in forestry?

Thursday, February 11, 2021. Español. Yarding is the logging operation that moves felled trees from the slash pile to the landing or storage area prior to transportation. Rigging crews hook cable systems (simple, high-lead, shotgun, skyline, etc.) to the felled trees.

Who invented the yarder?

The Yarder Mfg. Co. was originally founded in the early 1900’s by Stanley Walter Yarder.

How does a grapple yarder work?

A swing yarder is a mobile piece of heavy duty forestry equipment used for pulling logs from the woods to a logging road with cables. The swing yarder is also known as a grapple yarder. The swing yarder has several drums to pull in the cables. The cables run up an angled boom and then to the far side of a setting.

What is a Yoder logging?

A logging yoder or loader yarder is being used to harvest cut to length logs up the hill to the unit landing.

How does a logging choker work?

A choker setter or choke setter is a logger who attaches cables to logs for retrieval by skidders or skylines. The work process involves the choker setter wrapping a special cable end (choker) around a log and then moving clear so the yarding engineer (e.g. skidder operator) can pull the log to a central area.