How much does a Vitex tree cost?

$69.95. See how our plants are shipped to you!

Will vitex grow in Texas?

Vitex grows best when planted in full sun and in a location that drains well. It will grow well in all areas of Texas, in both acid and alkaline soils. It prospers in hot and dry environments. The Texas Department of Transportation recognizes its toughness, and plants Vitex in highway medians.

Is vitex invasive in Texas?

Vitex agnus-castus is showing invasive tendencies in areas where it has been planted extensively in landscaping, as in Texas. It can now be found in limestone outcrops and dry creek beds throughout Central Texas.

How fast do vitex trees grow?

This tree grows at a medium to fast rate, with height increases of anywhere from 13″ to more than 24″ per year.

Are there different varieties of vitex?

‘Shoal Creek’ vitex trees are sometimes marketed under the name ‘Texas Lilac’. Horticulturalists from Texas A&M University have developed 3 types of chaste trees that are called ‘Texas Superstars’. They include ‘Shoal Creek’, ‘Montrose Purple,’ and ‘LeCompte’ – all marketed as ”Texas Lilac.

How do you care for a Vitex tree?

Inorganic mulch, such as pebbles or stones, allows the soil to dry between rains. Avoid using organic mulches such as bark, shredded wood, or straw. Fertilize the plant every year or two with general-purpose fertilizer. Chaste trees freeze and die back to ground level during severe weather.

Is Vitex tree messy?

This tree is fairly messy, shedding all of its leaves in the fall, and dropping old flowers and seeds throughout the year. However, its aromatic green leaves and long, profuse bloom period go a long way toward making up for the litter!

Is Texas lilac the same as chaste tree?

Texas Lilac Vitex is also known as Mexican lavender, lilac chaste tree, hemp tree, sage tree, monk’s pepper, Indian spice or Vitex. It is a native of China and India, although long ago it became naturalized throughout certain areas of the United States.

Is vitex tree messy?

Do vitex trees need full sun?

Where to plant the Vitex Tree? Best to plant it in full sun they will tolerate some shade but will do better with full sun. Water regularly the first 2-3 years after initial planting.

Do vitex trees have invasive roots?

Like most shrubs, vitex is best planted in the spring to give it plenty of time to establish roots before winter dormancy. It is a fast-growing shrub that can shoot up as much as 7 feet in a single season, but most gardeners opt to keep this potentially invasive plant to 10 feet or less in height.

What is a vitex tree?

The Vitex Tree, or Vitex Chaste Tree has a long history dating back to ancient Greek times when Hippocrates would use its medicinal properties to treat injuries. However, the Vitex Chaste trees for sale are somewhat a new comer to many American landscapes.

What can I do with an old vitex tree?

Vitex trees thrive in the heat and can be seen used in a wide range of landscapes. Plant a Chaste tree in an urban garden and bring natural beauty to any urban setting. It’s also great for use as a hedge, in a wildlife garden or kept in a container. Visit your local Moon Valley Nurseries location and check out our fine imported pottery for sale!

How much sun does a vitex tree need?

Easy to care for and waterwise, Vitex needs full sun and low to moderate water use once established. This beautiful deciduous is typically grown as a multi-trunk tree, with turning, twisting trunks giving it a unique statuesque appearance under the bright flowering canopy.

How big does a Shoal Creek vitex tree get?

This versatile plant can be trained as a large shrub or small multi-trunked tree about 10 to 15 feet tall and wide. Shoal Creek vitex is more vigorous and produces larger flowers and deeper color than common vitex.