How much does a brand new Toyota Coaster cost?

Toyota Coaster Pricing and Specs The Toyota Coaster is available from $135,000 to $142,180 for the 2022 People mover across a range of models.

How many seater is a coaster?

Technical Specifications

Displacement (cc) 4164
Fuel tank capacity (L) 95
Gross vehicle weight (kg) 5670
Number of seats 30

Is a Toyota Coaster 24V?

You could use either a 24V or 12V batteries. With the LBS integrated DC-DC converter and VSR you can connect to either a 24V or 12V start battery system. By choosing 12V you don’t have any external converters to supply the 12V output for loads.

Is Toyota Coaster automatic?

The Toyota Coaster (Japanese: トヨタ・コースター, Hepburn: Toyota Kōsutā) is a single-decker minibus produced by Toyota Motor Corporation….

Toyota Coaster
Capacity 8–30
Transmission 6 speed Aisin AH15/16 manual 5 speed manual 6 speed automatic 4 speed automatic
Length 6,200–7,725 mm (244.1–304.1 in)

How thick is a coaster?

In the coaster industry there are 3 main thicknesses of the coaster board to choose from. A lightweight coaster is approximately 1 mm (40 point) thick. A mediumweight coaster is approximately 1.4mm (60 point) thick. And a heavyweight coaster is approximately 2.00 mm (80 point) thick.

What engine is in a Toyota Coaster?

All Coasters are powered by a Euro 5-compliant 4.0-litre, four-cylinder (yes) turbo-diesel engine. The common-rail unit makes 397Nm of torque at 1800rpm and 110kW of power at 2700rpm. Towing capacity is two tonnes and the fuel tank is 95 litres.

How much fuel does a Coaster use?

The Coaster comes with our 100% reliability guarantee….Vehicle Specifications.

2 Door, 4.1 Litre 6 Cylinder Engine (Diesel) Auto Transmission
Fuel Consumption: City: 16L/100km
Highway: 13L/100km
Tank Size: 95L
Average Distance per Tank: 500km

Where is Toyota Coaster made?

Toyota Coaster
Production 1969–present
Assembly Japan: Toyota, Aichi (Toyota Auto Body) Japan: Kakamigahara, Gifu (Gifu Auto Body) China: Sichuan (Sichuan FAW Toyota) (CKD)
Body and chassis
Class Minibus

What is a good coaster size?

4×4 inch
Standard coaster size is 4×4″ – and with good reason. Some bar or drink coasters are square, others are round, but both options have a typical 4×4 inch size. This is the ideal shape for most standard coaster as it is large enough to hold most mugs and glasses.