How much did yogscast raise for charity 2021?

The annual Yogscast Jingle Jam charity drive has come to a close, raising £3.3 million ($4.4 million) for various causes. The 2021 Jingle Jam began on December 1 and saw the company’s roster of content creators stream every day on its main Twitch channel throughout the month.

How much did yogscast raise for charity?

$25 million
In 2017, they published the video game Caveblazers. They are also known for their annual Christmas live streaming charity drive named the Jingle Jam, which has cumulatively raised $25 million for various charities as of December 2021….The Yogscast.

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Why was Jingle Jam Cancelled?

More Stories by Mitchell. Megan Thee Stallion and the Jonas Brothers have canceled their appearances at the Power 96.1 Jingle Ball in Atlanta on Thursday (Dec. 16) after members of their teams tested positive for COVID-19.

How much did Jingle Jam 2021 raise?

Jingle Jam – the world’s biggest games charity event – raised an incredible total of $4,435,933 (over £3.3 million) in an epic and emotional event that brought together the gaming community to raise funds for deserving charities.

Is sips still in the yogscast?

Yogscast Website Summary CEO, President, Director & Owner of Sipsco, the quality dirt and decking company, Sips is a long-time friend of the Yogscast.

Is Jingle Jam 2021 over?

Jingle Jam 2021 runs from December 1 through December 14, ending at midnight GMT.

How do I donate on Tiltify?

In your campaign’s Dashboard, there are links where you can copy your campaign URL for sharing and your donate URL to put the donate button onto your Twitch page. Stream your game on a site like Twitch, YouTube or Facebook. Share with your followers and on social media. Raise funds for your charity!