How many treasures are in the Great Cave Offensive?

60 Treasures
There are a total of 60 Treasures to collect in this game. Collecting them is not necessary to complete the game mode, but obtaining every treasure is required for 100% completion.

How do you unlock the Milky Way Wishes in Kirby Super Star?

This game is unlocked by completing The Great Cave Offensive and Revenge of Meta Knight (which requires clearing Dyna Blade) in Kirby Super Star, and by completing Revenge of Meta Knight (which requires clearing all previous games) in Kirby Super Star Ultra. It possesses a difficulty level of 5 stars.

Is the Great Cave Offensive a metroidvania?

The Great Cave Offensive: a Metroidvania adventure that sees Kirby explore a cave for treasure. 60 treasure chests are hidden across four areas.

How do you get the Kirby model ship?

Treasure #44: Model Ship In the room after the chameleon boss, take the cannons to the upper left nook and enter the door. This requires the fire power-up and any ally. Use the ally to stay on the switch, and make your way up the room to the top and enter the door quickly after your ally is summoned.

What happens if you 100% Kirby and the Forgotten Land?

In total, there are 300 Waddle Dees scattered throughout the forgotten land. As the Waddle Dees return to rebuild the town, more facilities will become available, many of which also factor into the game’s 100% completion rate.

What happens when you 100% Kirby and the Forgotten Land?

The 100% reward for Kirby and the Forgotten land is a splash screen that congratulates you for 100% clearing the game. You can check it out below, so you can avoid taking on the lengthy checklist above.

Where can I find wham bam rock?

Wham Bam Rock is a boss appearing in Kirby Super Star and its remake, Kirby Super Star Ultra. In both games, apart from appearing in The Arena, he is the final boss of The Great Cave Offensive and also the boss of the planet Cavios in Milky Way Wishes.