How many questions are on the Illinois CNA test?

Test Content: The Nurse Aide Competency exam must be passed to be listed on the Illinois State Nurse Aide Registry. The written section is 85 multiple choice questions in length. You will have 90 minutes to complete the exam.

What is a passing score for Illinois CNA exam?

A minimum of 70% per section is typically a passing score. Keep in mind that that each state has its own requirement regarding how much time you are allotted to complete both sections, as well as the percentage that constitutes a passing grade.

How many times can you take the CNA exam in Illinois?

A nurse aide may take and fail the examination three times before he/she is required to retrain. All three tests must occur within 12 months of the program completion date. After the 12 month eligibility period, a student would need to complete a new training program before becoming eligible to test again.

What are the 21 skills for CNA?

CNA 21 skills

  • Turn on the faucet so that clothes do not touch the sink.
  • Wet wrists & hands (lower than elbow level)
  • Soap to hands.
  • Wash with friction for 15-20 secs.
  • Rinse with fingers pointed down.
  • Dry hands with paper towels & toss.
  • Use dry towel to turn faucet off & dispose.

Can you take the CNA test without classes in Illinois?

In order to earn your CNA license in Illinois, candidates must pass a state-approved course. There are several colleges, community colleges, high schools, nursing homes, and other establishments that can provide educational programs for prospective CNAs. 150 minimum hours of classes are required.

How long is a CNA license good for in Illinois?

How to Renew Your CNA Certification in Illinois. Illinois requires its CNAs to renew their certifications every two years. The Department of Public Health will send you a renewal form several weeks before your certification’s expiration date.

What do the CNA practice tests cover?

The CNA practice tests provided by Test-Guide cover key aspects of the final test, giving you thorough prep for your final CNA exam. 1. Hygiene 2. Dressing and Grooming

Where can I find practice CNA test questions? is designed to help you pass your Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) test. The site provides practice tests that simulate the official exam. All test questions are based on the 2019 National Nurse Aide Assessment Program (NNAAP®), which is the written test that most states use.

How long is the CNA test?

The skills test portion is about 35-45 minutes and covers five or more skills. A CNA test is also known as: Certified Nursing Assistants are vital members of the health care team. Your skills can keep your patients safe and comfortable. Your ability to provide hands-on care means that you may be the first to notice changes in your patients.

How to prepare for the headmaster CNA exam?

Like the other test providers, the headmaster CNA exam consists of two components, a written exam and a manual skills exam. Our free CNA practice tests will help you prepare for the Headmaster exam. The written CNA exam has 75 multiple-choice questions. The manual skill test consists of three or four selected skills.