How many lumens is a 40 inch light bar?

Products specifications

Beam Configuration Combo (Both Flood and Spot)
Lumens 16,000
Number of LEDs 40
Power of Each LED (watts) 5

How many lumens is a rigid light bar?

+ Overview & Specs

Lumens 20,064
Warranty Warranty Information
California residents WARNING

How many lumens are LED light bars?

LED light bar having the right amount of lumens that illuminate to do your work. The lumen output for the lightbar will be from 6500 – 24000 lm. The higher the lumens, the brighter the light, in which the highest one will make your night as day.

How many lumens is a 50 light bar?

50″ Double-Row LED Light Bar (24,000 Lumens) #1501278 Includes one light bar, mounting hardware and wiring harness.

Are Aurora LED lights good?

their conclusion was that Rigid and Aurora are the best two on the market, the nod going to aurora based on price and testing.

What is the brightest 20 inch light bar?

{POWERFUL} The powerful Aurora 20 Inch Dual row Light bar pushes out 17,120 lumens using only 200 watts and is equipped with a combination beam pattern.

How bright is a 300 watt LED light bar?

300W LED Power. 20A@12V,9A@24V LED Current Draw. 18000 Lumens to light up the night.

How many amps does a 300 watt LED light bar draw?

300W LED Power. 20A@12V,9A@24V LED Current Draw.

Where are aurora light bars made?

First, Aurora, unlike the rest of the chinese companies isn’t a “fake.” The produce their own circuit boards, which is something even rigid doesn’t do. LEDs, gaskets, housings, etc are all made in China, no matter which lights you buy.

Are LED light bars better than spotlights?

For distance alone, LED driving lights are the clear winner here but if you’re looking for something with a boader spread or light, LED light bars might be the better option for your vehicle.

How many lumens is a 20 inch light bar?

Dual-row models shine with 12,400 or 22,000 lumens depending on LED size, while a single-row 20 LED light bar cranks out 6,220 or 11,000 raw lumens.