How many levels does Crash 3 have?

The first game has 33, second 32, and Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped has 37. They’re not necessarily long levels, but the platforming is sure to keep you stuck for longer than you may have expected.

How do you unlock more levels in Crash 3?

There are two secret levels in Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped; Eggipus Rex and Hot Coco. Both are pretty difficult, and they can’t be accessed from the Secret Warp Room. The Secret Warp Room is actually super-easy to enter in Crash 3. All you have to do is unlock 5 Relics, and a new platform will appear in the hub world.

What is the hardest level in Crash Bandicoot 3?

Similar to Slippery Climb yet a lot more vile, Stormy Ascent is by far the hardest Crash Bandicoot level.

What happens if you get all the gems in Crash 3?

Collecting all of the Gems unlocks a bonus ending when you finish the game. Found in Deep Trouble via a secret area unlocked by a “!” crate you find at the end of the level. Found in the level Hang ’em High via the secret entrance in Warp Room 6 (requires that you have at least 10 relics obtained to access.)

How do I unlock Eggipus Rex?

The yellow gem is obtained via the alternate entrance to Hang’em High in the secret warp room, unlockable after collecting 10 relics. During the triceratops chase in the yellow gem path, let the second pterodactyl carry the player away. The screen will fade and the player will be in Eggipus Rex.

How hard is Cortex Castle?

2 Cortex Castle The last level is truly one of the most difficult platforming challenges in any mainstream video game.

Which Crash Bandicoot is the easiest?

8 Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back This title is actually a favorite among fans due it its perfect difficulty level. Its controls are great, and it doesn’t have any wonky mechanics. Overall, it’s definitely the easiest in the original trilogy.