How many books has Wattpad published?

I could go on, but there are over 100 published books that originated on Wattpad! The authors above are some of the best known, but there are many more. So, if you’ve ever wanted to share your work with the world and maybe get a book deal at the end, Wattpad isn’t a bad way to go.

Does Wattpad have published books?

How we publish. Wattpad Books publishes the brightest, boldest, and most unique voices from Wattpad’s global community of 90 million story-lovers. We present a fresh new approach in the industry by connecting our audience-driven insights with traditional expertise in both children’s and adult publishing.

What is the most read Wattpad book?

Chasing Red
Sourcebooks, a leading independent book publisher, has acquired the worldwide English rights to Wattpad’s most-read story of 2016, Chasing Red. With over 126 million reads, the Wattpad community spent over 148 million minutes, the equivalent of 282 years, reading the story by Wattpad Star Isabelle Ronin.

Will Wattpad be deleted in 2020?

Wattpad is not shutting down.

Who is queen of Wattpad?

Jonahmae Panen Pacala
Jonahmae Panen Pacala also known by her pseudonym as Jonaxx, is a Filipino author, born on 23 January 1991 and hailing from Cagayan de Oro, Philippines. She is currently the most followed Wattpad author worldwide with over 5 million followers and is widely known as the “Wattpad Queen” and “Pop Fiction Queen”.

Who is the most followed Wattpad author?

Cagayan de Oro City’s Jonah Mae Panen Pacala or more popular known with her pseudonym “Jonaxx” just made history by becoming the first Wattpad author to reach 5 million followers. Queen Jonaxx as she is often called by her followers, is the most followed Wattpad author worldwide.

What famous books started on Wattpad?

At A Glance: Our Top 5 Picks for Published Books That Started Out on Wattpad: Silence by Natasha Preston – Our Top Pick. Trapeze by Leigh Ansell….

  • Silence by Natasha Preston.
  • Trapeze by Leigh Ansell.
  • Vicious Depths by Madeline Stanford.
  • Textrovert by Lindsey Summers.
  • After by Anna Todd.

Do adults use Wattpad?

Now, Wattpad is making a change to its app to better embrace its adult readers. The company is adding an option to toggle on “mature” stories — meaning those meant only for a 17-and-up crowd, according to Wattpad’s policy, as well as customize what kind of content they’re shown.

Is Wattpad ok for 14 year olds?

What is Wattpad’s minimum age limit? Wattpad has been given a minimum age limit of 13, but the age limit is 17+ if downloading this via the Apple App Store and given a ‘Parental guidance’ notice via the Google Play store.

Why is Wattpad deleting accounts 2021?

The only grounds for account deletion appears to the violation of its Code of Conduct or Terms of Service.