How long should a Bargue drawing take?

5 to 10 hours
A finished drawing should take maybe 5 to 10 hours of work.

What is Bargue drawing method?

The Bargue Drawing method emphasizes copying the references as perfectly as possible. This teaches artists to see distances, lengths and angles as well as some seeing and depicting the light. The references are gorgeous and build up skills in a logical way.

What is Bargue art?

A Bashi-Bazouk1875
A Footman Sleeping1871The Chess Game1883Turkish SentinelHead of Young man. Study
Charles Bargue/Artworks

What size should Bargue plates be?

1. the original Plate Size is approximately 18×24. Scanning the plates with a good scanner ( or a good hq digital camera like I do) and printing them larger would be most useful if you work in charcoal.

What is Renaissance in drawing?

A Renaissance drawing is meant to be seen as a drawing, a set of marks of paper, not the equivalent of a black and white photograph. One can also see it as an act, because the process by which it was made is evident (whether Raphael’s sanguine strokes or Michelangelo’s pen and ink hatches).

What is cast drawing?

Cast Drawing is an excellent exercise for painting realistically. It teaches you to see form in three dimensions and transfer it to a two dimensional surface – the drawing paper. Cast Drawing is the following step in learning classical art after having practised the Bargue Drawings.

Can I draw on my cast?

Get a Casttoo  It can be hard to draw an intricate design on the rough surface of a cast, but a casttoo can take care of that for you. All you need is a hairdryer to get the casttoo design to stick to your cast.

How do you light cast a drawing?

Light your cast with one lamp, and light your easel with bright ambient room light or a second lamp. Make sure the cast lamp is the only light hitting your cast. You may want to construct a 3-sided shadow box by taping together black foam core, to block extra light from hitting your cast.