How long is bus from Hyderabad to Tirupati?

Hyderabad to Tirupati Bus Service

Avg. Bus Duration : 9 hours 42 mins
Buses depart from : Hyderabad
Bus arrives in : Tirupati
Distance : 555 km
Earliest Bus : 05:20

How many hours does it take from Tirupati to Hyderabad?

Popular Routes to Tirupati

Important Routes Time Taken Distance
Chennai to Tirupati 3 hours 13 mins 135 km
Hyderabad to Tirupati 9 hours 34 mins 553 km
Bangalore to Tirupati 4 hours 48 mins 249 km
Delhi to Tirupati 1 day 9 hours 2,163 km

How many km Tirupati to Tirumala?

One can reach to tirumala (the temple of lord balaji ), 22 km from tirupati either by bus/jeep/prepaid taxi. To reach central bus stand (1 km from railway station), one can hire a auto for 20 Rs.

What is distance between to Hyderabad to Canada?

How far is it from Hyderabad to Canada? It is approximately 11273 km to get from Hyderabad to Canada.

How far is Tirupati from Hyderabad?

Hyderabad to Tirupati

Aerial Distance 428Km
Road Distance 594Km

Which route is better from Hyderabad to Tirupati?

Hyderabad to Tirupati Best Route While you can take any of the two routes, we recommend Route 1 Via NH 44. The road conditions are excellent and the time taken is less.

Is Ola cab available in Tirupati?

Nope.. no uber or ola in tirupati.. only government buses and private cabs..

How many steps are in Tirupati?

3,550 steps
The footpath, which commences at Alipiri in Tirupati, is 9-km long and has over 3,550 steps and is preferred by a majority of the trekking pilgrims. Over 30,000 pilgrims frequent along the pathway on an average every day.

How many hours is Hyderabad to Australia?

Hyderabad To Australia Distance

By Air By Train
Hyderabad to Australia 15.0 hours

How many hours does it take from Hyderabad to USA?

Hyderabad To USA Distance

By Air By Road
Hyderabad to USA 20.0 hours

Which route is better Hyderabad to Tirupati?

How many tolls are there from Hyderabad to Tirupati?

4 partial
Hyderabad to Tirupati route & road conditions There are 4 partial Toll Roads on the way.