How hopeless under ground falls the remorseful day?

Quotes. Chief Inspector Morse : Ensanguining the skies / How heavily it dies / Into the west away; / Past touch and sight and sound, / Not further to be found, / How hopeless underground / Falls the remorseful day.

Who wrote The Remorseful Day poem?

A. E. Housman
On Housman’s great ‘remorseful day’ poem The poet and classical scholar A. E. Housman (1859-1936) is best-known for his 1896 volume A Shropshire Lad, one of only two volumes of poetry he published during his lifetime.

What were Inspector Morse’s last words?

Morse dies of acute myocardial infarction; his last words are “Thank Lewis for me.”

What was John thaws last episode of Morse?

The Remorseful Day
Morse’s eventual death in the final episode “The Remorseful Day” is caused by heart problems exacerbated by heavy drinking, although in the books his death is diabetes-related.

Who was Morse’s wife?

Season four of Endeavour saw a moment where Morse proposed to Joan Thursday (Sara Vickers) in an emotionally-charged scene.

What was Morse’s wife called?

Does Endeavour Morse ever marry?

As fans of the original series will know, Morse never did get married, something he regrets and looks back on often.

Does Endeavour Morse marry Joan Thursday?

Joan Thursday and Endeavour Morse can’t end up together. That’s the unavoidable truth casting a pall over their every encounter. However much chemistry and yearning those two share, when Inspector Morse begins sixteen years down their timeline, Miss Thursday won’t be part of Morse’s life.

Does Kevin Whately have a daughter?

Kitty WhatelyKevin Whately / Daughter

Did Endeavour Morse marry?

Is the Remorseful Day the last Inspector Morse?

The Remorseful Day is a crime novel by Colin Dexter, the last novel in the Inspector Morse series. The novel was adapted as the final episode in the Inspector Morse television series.

How did Morse die in Inspector Morse?

Morse dies of acute myocardial infarction; his last words are “Thank Lewis for me.” This novel was adapted for the television series Inspector Morse as an episode of the same title “The Remorseful Day”, the final episode of the series (fifth in Series 8) as well as of the novels.

Who wrote the first edition of Inspector Morse?

Cover of the first edition Author Colin Dexter Country United Kingdom Language English Series Inspector Morse series, #13

What has Morse been up to in the past?

Morse has been ill and has only just returned to work. He steps on Lewis’ toes by involving himself in the case, but as the body count rises, Morse finds himself in charge of investigating a woman who had many affairs with many different men.