How high above a vessel sink should a wall mounted faucet be?

6 inches
How High Should a Faucet Be Above a Vessel Sink? The standard height is at least 6 inches from the bottom of the sink’s bowl to the faucet’s spout. To minimize stray droplets, install a faucet that sits closer to the sink bowl and, if possible, move the faucet back.

Do vessel sinks need special faucets?

Because their diameter and height will vary, vessel sink faucet selection is a very important part of the design process. Since vessel sinks generally sit above the counter, they require faucets that are slightly different than standard faucets. Faucets can be either deck mounted or wall mounted.

How far should sink be from faucet?

The distance between the faucet holes and the edge of the sink depends on the faucet style and should be such that the spout completely clears the edge of the sink. You’ll usually find the setback distance, which is typically from 2 to 4 inches, listed in the product specifications.

What height should a vanity be for a vessel sink?

Vessel Sink Bathroom Vanity Height The comfort height for a vessel sink vanity is 29-30 inches with a standard height for these same vanities floating around 25-26 inches. For the purposes of installation, keep in mind that vessel sinks themselves will add an additional 5-6 inches.

How tall a faucet do you need for a vessel sink?

How High Should a Faucet Be Above a Vessel Sink? The standard height for any sink and faucet is at least 6 inches from the bottom of the sink to the spout. This gives a good height for ease of washing your hands be it adults or children. Vessel faucets are generally anywhere from 12 to 17 inches in height.

Does a wall mounted faucet need a backsplash?

If you have a smaller bathroom and countertop, a wall mount faucet will also give you more counter space to utilize. Another benefit to wall-mount faucets is that you don’t have to tile or have a backsplash behind the faucet, you can have painted drywall as your backing surface.

Can you use any faucet with a vessel sink?

Don’t think for a minute that every faucet will work well with every sink design. Your existing plumbing connections will work with just about any vessel sink. A plumber may have to install an extra-long tailpiece from the bottom of the sink to connect to the P-trap under the fixture.

Where should wall mount faucets be placed?

Placing the faucets 6-8” above the countertop is typically a comfortable height for most above-counter sinks. If you have the dimensions of the sink you want to ensure that you have at least 1-2” between the bottom of the faucet and the top of the bowl or the “flood level” of the sink.