How does the Journey of Natty Gann end?

She is offered a ride by an older man who tries to sexually assault her, but Wolf attacks him, allowing Natty and Wolf to escape. The pair later come across a shanty town where Natty is reunited with the young man (Harry) who helped her get onto the train in Chicago.

Is there a sequel to The Journey of Natty Gann?

The Journey of Natty Gann: Part 2.

How old is natty in The Journey of Natty Gann?

The story is about a twelve year old girl named Natty (Meredith Salenger) who travels across 1930’s America in search of her father. Along the way she has several adventures and meets up with another runaway named Harry (John Cusack).

Who played the wolf in The Journey of Natty Gann?

Jed (wolfdog)
Jed was a Pacific Northwestern American animal actor, known for his roles in the movies: White Fang (1991), White Fang 2: Myth of the White Wolf (1994), The Journey of Natty Gann (1985), and The Thing (1982). He was born in 1977 and died in June 1995.

Does natty find her dad?

Natty sets out on foot and sees a company truck pass by loaded with injured men. In the truck, she glimpses her father. She runs after it, calling out for him, but is eventually devastated when it outpaces her. She hears his voice call out for her and finds him standing in the road.

Is Natty Gann Based on a true story?

The Journey of Natty Gann is an engrossing family adventure story filled with historic realism and starring a heroine who uses her courage, perseverance, and ingenuity to overcome countless obstacles on her epic journey….Product Details.

Media Type Movie
Release Date May 21, 2002
Language English

Is Natty Gann a true story?

Can dogs and wolves mate?

Wolves and dogs are interfertile, meaning they can breed and produce viable offspring. In other words, wolves can interbreed with dogs, and their offspring are capable of producing offspring themselves.

Where was Natty Gann filmed?

The Journey of Natty Gann was filmed in Vancouver & Britannia Beach in Canada.

How old is John Cusack?

55 years (June 28, 1966)John Cusack / Age