How does light intensity affect photosynthesis experiment?

More oxygen bubbles are produced when the light is closer to the beaker. So a greater light intensity gives a greater rate of photosynthesis.

What is light intensity in photosynthesis?

So in the case of a plant, a higher light intensity means more packets of light called “photons” are hitting the leaves. As you rise from low light intensity to higher light intensity, the rate of photosynthesis will increase because there is more light available to drive the reactions of photosynthesis.

What was your initial hypothesis about light intensity and photosynthesis rate?

Research Question and Hypothesis Does light intensity affect the rate of photosynthesis in Elodea plants? Hypothesis: Yes, light intensity does affect the rate of photosynthesis. Too much light may cause plants to “burn out” while too little light will not provide enough light for optimal photosynthesis activity.

How do you show photosynthesis in an experiment?

Use a measuring spoon to scoop out 1/8 teaspoon of baking soda, and fill your measuring cup with 300 milliliters of water. Mix the baking soda into the water to create your bicarbonate solution. When the baking soda dissolves in the water, it releases carbon dioxide. This will be used by the spinach for photosynthesis.

Do different colors of light affect the rate of photosynthesis experiment?

Visible light has a wavelength that ranges from 400-700 nanometres. The percentage of light absorbed by plants in photosynthesis differs for the colour of the light. Red and violet light are on opposite ends on the visible light spectrum….Effect of Light Colour on the Rate of Photosynthesis.

Light Colour Average Bubbles per minute ± 1
Green Light 16
Violet Light 25

How can light intensity be controlled in an experiment?

the light intensity is proportional to distance – it will decrease as the distance away from the bulb increases – so light intensity for the investigation can be varied by changing the distance from the lamp to the plant.

Does the color of light used on plants affect how well they grow experiment?

The plant under the green light actually grew the slowest. The plant that grew the fastest was the plant under the red light. The results of this experiment show a slight preference for growth for the red light followed by white or blue and then green light.

What is your hypothesis for this experiment the rate of photosynthesis?

What is you hypothesis for this experiment? The rate of photosynthesis is greater in white light than in darkness. How will you determine the effect of presence of light on the rate of photosynthesis? I will compare the rate of photosynthesis with and without light.

What is the aim of photosynthesis experiment?

Photosynthesis The aim of this experiment is to investigate the factors affecting photosynthesis in Elodea. Plants photosynthesise in order to produce energy, in the form of glucose, from sunlight.

How can you prove that light is necessary for photosynthesis?

Experiment to show that sunlight is necessary for photosynthesis

  • Take a plant with destarched leaf.
  • Leaf is partially covered with black paper on which a design is cut.
  • Expose this plant to sunlight for few hours and perform a starch test with iodine solution.