How do you turn on a Crosley Cruiser record player?

Turntable Operation

  1. Rotate the On/Off Volume Knob to turn on the power.
  2. Set the Function Switch to PHONO position.
  3. Set the Speed Switch accordingly.
  4. Place the record on the turntable.
  5. Remove the stylus protector from the stylus assembly.
  6. Release the tonearm Hold Down Clip.
  7. Use the Tonearm Lever to lift up the tonearm.

How do I set up Crosley?

Bluetooth Operation

  1. Turn the Function Switch to Bluetooth mode.
  2. Turn on the Bluetooth feature of your audio device, search for “Crosley CR8005D” and pair.
  3. Once your device is successfully paired with the unit, you will hear a short confirmation sound from the unit, and the function indicator will be blue.

Do you have to plug in Crosley turntable?

Crosley – Cruiser Deluxe Bluetooth Portable Turntable – Pink All you need to do is plug it into the headphone jack.

Why is my Crosley not playing?

Make sure nothing is plugged up to the AUX input. Pick up the tone arm and move it over the record. If turntable is not spinning check the belt, click here for a video tutorial. If this does not help, please contact us at 1-866-CROSLEY or click here to submit support request.

Why is my turntable not working?

When it comes to direct drive record players, there are numerous possible reasons why the record player might be malfunctioning. These include debris and dirt stuck in the motor components and shaft. A jammed platter or a faulty on and off switch can create problems too.

Why is my Crosley record player not working?

Are Crosley cruisers good?

Overall, the Crosley Cruiser is the best option, if you are looking for maximum portability. It is the smallest and lightest player you’ll find. But you do sacrifice sound quality for that portability. If quality is more important to you, then the Electrohome Archer is easily the better choice.