How do you solve the sewer riddle?

Defeat the Kobold Shaman near the center of the sewers and take the Shaman’s Staff. Go to the southern corner of the area and kill Quallo’s friend Carrion Crawler. Take the blood from the body. Speak to Quallo and he will give you some hints about the order the wards must be used to free the sword.

Who is quallo?

Quallo is a man living in the sewers with his friend, a carrion crawler. He tells about a sword and offers advice on how to obtain it. Speaking to him again after having solved the riddle of the sewers, reveals that he was under the sword’s domination and is now free. He immediately leaves to try and rebuild his life.

Where is the sewer in the slums?

The sewers beneath the Slums can be entered from the Copper Coronet and the Slaver’s Stockade which are both located in the Athkatla Slums. The entrance from the Copper Coronet is northwest in this area, the entrance from the Slaver’s Stockade is south-east in this area.

What race is quallo?

Quorlu Solarian
Quallo Misatro is a Quorlu Solarian played by Grant Berger on Androids & Aliens.

How do I get rid of undying blockage?

Burn the Undying blockage in the Sewers with the Infernal Talc. Quest Complete – You have used the Infernal Talc to destroy the Undying blockage in the Sewers.

How do you open a sewer grating?

Removing Manhole lid or grating: Come to the far side of the manhole before picking. Stand on the opposite side of the hook. With your back straight and your knees slightly bent use the hook as a lever to pop open the lid.

Where is the crematorium Poe?

Act 3
The Crematorium is an area in Act 3. This area has a waypoint and is connected to The Slums. In this area, players can find Tolman for the quest Lost in Love.

How do I get to Solaris Temple Level 2?

From Solaris Temple Level go to Solaris Temple Level 2. In Solaris Temple Level 2 talk to Dialla then waypoint to the Sewers. In the Sewers open the Undying Blockage then go to the Ebony Barracks. While in the Ebony Barracks tag the waypoint then kill General Gravicius, then go to the Lunaris Temple.

How do you use unearth in Path of Exile?

Projectiles Pierce all TargetsPlace into an item socket of the right colour to gain this skill. Right click to remove from a socket. Unearth is a spell skill that fires multiple corpses in a projectile that pierces and lands to deal physical area of effect damage.

Where is Tolman Poe?

The Crematorium

Level(s) 57 (The Quay)
Location(s) The Crematorium The Sarn Encampment (Act 8) The Quay
Quest(s) Lost in Love Love is Dead