How do you get to the secret room in adventure?

Follow the steps below to get to the hidden Easter egg room where Warren Robinett hid his name.

  1. Select Game 2 or Game 3.
  2. Get the Bridge.
  3. Find the maze north of the Black Castle.
  4. In the flickering maze, use the bridge to get to access the chamber in the bottom/middle of the room.

Why did Warren Robinett include a secret room in his game adventure?

However, Robinett’s motivation for creating the secret room within Adventure (1979) was born out of frustration over how Atari treated its programming staff.

What is the Easter egg in Atari Adventure?

Enter the Adventure “Easter egg”: A now-legendary attempt by programmer Warren Robinett to sneak due credit into a game, without his Atari bosses’ knowledge nor consent. By following an arcane series of steps, players could unlock a secret room that featured the giant flashing words: “Created by Warren Robinett”.

Why did companies put Easter eggs in their video games?

When designers put Easter eggs in games they do so for a few reasons. Easter eggs can identify the game as the designer’s creation. Easter eggs might also aim to create an emotion in a player and these emotions have an impact on the player’s experience with a game.

Is the Easter egg in adventure real?

The OASIS, James Halliday, and his crazy contest might all be fiction created by Ernest Cline. But the story of Warren Robinett, Adventure, and the world’s first Easter egg are all totally real.

What was the Easter egg used in video?

Easter eggs are secret bits of media that developers hide inside video games (as well as other mediums, like movies and computer software). They can come in the form of text, images, special scenes, nods to other works, and more. Generally, Easter eggs are hidden and uncovered for their own sake.

What was the first ever Easter egg?

The earliest known Easter egg in software in general is one placed in the “make” command for PDP-6/PDP-10 computers sometime in October 1967–October 1968, wherein if the user attempts to create a file named “love” by typing “make love”, the program responds “not war?” before proceeding.

Who found adventure Easter egg?

Adam Clayton
After the game was released, Adam Clayton, a fifteen-year-old from Salt Lake City, discovered it and sent a letter of explanation to Atari. Robinett had already quit the company by this point, so Atari tasked designers with finding the responsible code.