How do you get through the door in haunted towers Spyro?

Right when you land, pick up the three Red Gems on your left and Flame the wooden door to get through it. In this room will be two (and a half) new enemies. The green Gnorc is a Gnorc-adier, who throws explosive grenades you should jump over.

How do you get to the secret area in the Haunted Towers?

You’ll want to play through Haunted Towers like normal until you reach the super charge ramp. Use the ramp to charge through the two metal doors and head into the room with five doors. Break the first one on your left and then use the fairy to get super breath and clear out the rest of the doors and possessed armors.

How do you get the third dragon in haunted towers Spyro?

Dragon #3: Copano To find him, you’ll need to return to the top of the Supercharge Ramp in the castle. Go down it, through the winding hallway and into the main hall: go through the back-right door to make it outside to the pool.

How do you get across the dark passage in Spyro?

Just past a building on the side-wall is a tunnel entrance that you can Glide to. Once you make it outside, check to the right side to find a walkway you can Glide to with a line of Devil Dogs on it. Follow this path all the way to the end and you can find Apara.

How do you get the skill points in haunted towers Spyro?

Haunted Towers This Skill Point is earned from the second Purple Fairy. Use her gift of Super Flame to bust down a metal door nearby, go up a ramp and ride a Whirlwind up to some steps.

Where is the secret room in Dream Weavers Spyro?

Here’s where to find the Dream Weavers secret room in the Spyro Reignited Trilogy. When you enter the Dream Weavers world, head to your right past the Dark Passage portal and onto the next platform. If you look to the right side you’ll see a passageway guarded by two giant armored enemies, that’s where you need to go.

Where is the secret room in Dream Weavers spyro?

How do you get the skill points in haunted towers spyro?

Where is the blue wizard hat in haunted towers Spyro?

Haunted Towers: Burn blue wizard hat Don’t go inside, look 135 degrees to your left and you’ll see a small platform on the roof of the building across from you. Glide there and you’ll find the infamous blue wizard hat. Don’t forget to burn it.

What are the levels in Dream Weavers?

Dream Weavers

Level Name Dragons Gems
Dream Weaver Home 3 Dragons 300 Gems
Dark Passage 5 Dragons 500 Gems
Lofty Castle 3 Dragons 400 Gems
Haunted Towers 3 Dragons 500 Gems

Where are all the gems in haunted towers?

Haunted Towers Gems

  • Emerald 1 – Tower Lobby (Available in B-1)
  • Emerald 2 – Laboratory (Available in B-1)
  • Emerald 3 – Garden (Available in B-2)
  • EMerald 4 – Botany Lab (Available in B-2)
  • Emerald 5 – Seedling Lab (Available in B-2)
  • Emerald 6 – Tower Lobby > West Garden (Available in B-3)

Where is the blue wizard hat in haunted towers spyro?