How do you get the good Jill ending?

The criteria for the best ending is the same for bother Chris and Jill: their partner needs to survive to the very end of the game (along with the Super Tyrant confrontation) and the other playable character must be rescued with all three MO Disks.

What are the best perks for Jill Valentine?

To do this we have Jill’s teachable perk Counterforce. Counterforce allows you to cleanse totems 20% faster, and get a stackable 20% cleansing speed for every other totem you cleanse….What Healing Totems Excels In:

  • Fast totem cleansing speeds.
  • Easy to find totems.
  • Fast self healing.
  • Strong exhaustion perk.

Can you save Rebecca as Jill?

Rebecca dies in the final battle against the Tyrant, you also don’t save Jill. As you might have guessed, Rebecca dies at the hands of the Hunter while you ignored Jill altogether.

Which re1 story is canon?

The canon story is that Jill, Barry, Chris, and Rebecca all make it out alive with Wesker being killed by the tyrant. The survivors activate the lab’s self-destruct sequence before escaping.

How many endings does re1 have?

Endings. Each character has four endings, with the outcome being determined on whether they rescued the other two S.T.A.R.S. survivors or not.

Are Jills perks good?

Jill’s three unique Dead By Daylight Perks make her an excellent support for her teammates and allow her to go after a Killer’s supports, like Totems and Generator Kicks.

What does counterforce do DBD?

You know how to withstand an enemy stronger than you, and it starts with hunting down and knocking out their support.

How do I save Jill re1?

in addition, How do you save Jill re1? If you’ve used all three MO Disks, head to the hallway with the locked door and the three levers and head down the stairs to rescue Jill. Head on upstairs to the Laboratory B2F and through the door into the Safe Room. Save your progress and prepare yourself for the final battle!

Is Jill and Chris canon?

Which story is canon Chris or Jill? It’s generally accepted that it’s Chris’ scenario that is canon. Chris’ scenario ends without Barry escaping, same as Jill’s ends without Rebecca. It’s a combination of the two.

How many re1 remake endings?