How do you get into general Greystones tower in wizard101?

Look at your map in the Plaza of Conquests, and General Greystone’s tower is at the top of the map near the large yellow arrow. You must continue to follow the storyline and you will eventually get access to General Greystone’s tower.

How do you get to the Plaza of conquests?

the plaza of conquest is just off the atheneum, you can look at the map in you spell book. the necropolis is on the other side of the plaza of conquest, and that has the 2nd portal in the basilica.

Where is the crown of fire w101?

The Crown of Fire is the final area of The Great Spyre instance and connects to the following Sub-Location: The Upper Great Spyre in the North area of the map.

Where is the crown of fire in Dragonspyre?

The Crown of Fire Rose It’s in the final room with Malistaire near the crack in the floor. You’ll need to complete most of the dungeon to get here and find the rose.

Where do you fish in the plaza of conquests?

Re: Plaza of Conquests Fishing

  • look up fish on forum, find school of fish I want to catch. Use the highest lure of that school I have. (
  • find a well populated pool in appropriate area.
  • Cast as far way from a Sentinel as possible, using Slow fish if I had it.
  • If the Sentinels are too close, catch them.

Where is the Plaza of conquests in Dragonspyre?

The Plaza of Conquest is a typical Dragonspyre ruins; however, its most prominent feature is a large crystal near the entrance to The Atheneum that hovers near the NPC Laszlo Starblade.

Where is the great spyre?

The Great Spyre is in the Mountain Area. You have to be in the Academy to get there.

How do you get to Malistaire in wizard101?

Malistaire is at the heart of Dragonspyre inside the Crown of Fire. It is an instance, so you can only bring 3 friends with you to battle him. Go into DS Academy and ride the Drake there. It’ll take you to a place and you go inside an instance.

What is the last boss in Dragonspyre?

Malistaire Drake is the final Boss of Dragonspyre as well as the final Boss of the First Arc.

Can you catch sentinel fish?

Unlike Banishing, catching sentinels requires no special spells or quest completions, just knowledge of your sentinel fish school and rank. You simply use the correct lure and the method above to catch the sentinels out of a pond.

What is a sentinel fish?

“Sentinel” fish are used to detect pathogens in aquatic ecosystems. Cages of live, pathogen free fish, are placed in particular locations and times of the year.