How do you divert urine from a composting toilet?

Ways to dispose of urine from your composting toilet

  1. #1 Just get rid of it.
  2. #2 Make a plant feed solution.
  3. #3 Assist plants in their fruit-bearing stage.
  4. #4 Remedy nitrogen deficiencies in plants.
  5. #5 Use it as a compost additive.

Why do you separate urine and poop in a composting toilet?

Feces contains far less ammonia than urine, so decomposers can break it down rapidly. Urine is sterile, so it can be dried or allowed to seep through the soil in a drain field. Urine also makes a good soil fertilizer because of its high nitrogen content, said Lalander.

Do you need a urine diverter in a composting toilet?

Yes, it is! Whatever type of dry or composting toilet you use, they don’t require flushing! The diverter keeps things separate, so the urine passes through a basin-shaped drain into the canister provided. Note that there’s no need to flush with water.

What is an earth toilet?

A vermifilter toilet is a composting toilet with flushing water where earthworms are used to promote decomposition to compost. Composting toilets do not require a connection to septic tanks or sewer systems unlike flush toilets.

How do I stop my compost toilet from smelling?

Your composting toilet shouldn’t smell, but you could actually make it smell nice, by adding coffee grinds to it. Arrange to get coffee grinds from your local coffee shop on a regular basis, and add them to your toilet in whatever quantity smells good to you.

Can you use toilet paper in a composting toilet?

Any type of toilet paper is acceptable; less substantial brands (such as marine or RV paper) will compost the quickest. Diapers, wipes and tampons should not be placed in the solids bin.

How often do you need to empty a composting toilet?

The toilet is designed for 1 to 4 people full-time. Generally, two people full-time people’s usage will require emptying approximately every 3 weeks; additional people will shorten the time. If using just on weekends with 2 people, that can extend time to 2 months or more.