How do you cult after Enkindling?


  1. Ignite Fire Effigies.
  2. Go to Enkindling.
  3. Pull Lever.
  4. Kill Cultists.
  5. Kill Clayton.

How do you get bandit ashes?

You need to use fire weapons to vaporize the bandits, collect their remains and then return to Clayton.

Where do I get the flame of the Firehawk?

Flame of the Firehawk is a legendary nova shield in Borderlands 2 manufactured by Maliwan. Flame of the Firehawk is obtained from the mission Cult Following: The Enkindling located in Frostburn Canyon.

How do you do the Mighty Morphin in Borderlands 2?

Even the disgusting ones.

  1. Travel to Tundra Express.
  2. Lure Varkid larvae into transforming into adults. When Varkids enter their pods, run up and press X to inject the mutation.
  3. Kill the mutated Varkid.
  4. Repeat this process 3 more times.
  5. Pick up the Varkid corpse samples when they drop.
  6. Return to Sir Hammerlock.

How do I get to the other side of Frostburn Canyon?

Frostburn Canyon

  1. Frostburn Canyon.
  2. Go up the stairs to the first floor of Roland’s headquarters (north of Sanctuary).
  3. Leave Sanctuary and head to Three Horns Divide.
  4. Head onwards a bit and afterwards turn right.
  5. Head to the east of the canyon and afterwards enter the cave leading south.

Is the Firehawk shield good?

Fairly early on in the game, you get a Legendary Shield as part of the main story line, called the “Flame of the Firehawk”. This shield is quite amazing when the shield is depleted with it’s powerful non stop fire nova that emits. It has saved me countless times. I’m much further in the game now.

How do you evolve badass varkid?

You need to find a Varkid larva, allow it to pod into an adult Varkid. Then allow this to pod transform into a Badass Varkid, wait until they form into a pod yet again, into a Super Badass Varkid. Let it pod transform once more into an Ultimate Badass Varkid.