How do you convince someone to listen to your music?

Before you know it, you’ll have an army of people listening and sharing your music.Here are eight ways to get people to share your song:Ask them. Send an email to your mailing list. Give them an incentive. Set up a pay with a tweet campaign. Have a contest. Work the crowd at your concerts. Reach out individually.

How do you restate a question?

Restate the question – use the question stem to write your topic sentence. Answer the question – make sure to answer all parts of the question. If there are two questions, you should answer each question in its own paragraph.

What is restate the question mean?

Restating questions means repeating the question, if it is short, or rephrasing it, if it is longer. It is important for nonnative speakers of English to restate questions to ensure correct comprehension and to allow thinking time before answering.

What is a race answer?

First, RACE is an acronym that helps guide students through the process of answering constructed questions in reading. R – Restate the question. A – Answer the question completely. C – Cite evidence from the text. E – Explain the text evidence.