How do you attach a CoPilot bike seat?

Place the CoPilot seat on the back of the rack and slide it forward until you hear the security latches click into place. The seat should now be securely in place on the rack and should not move independent of the rack. If the seat does move independent of the rack, remove the seat and lock it into place again.

How do you take a baby seat off a bike?

The first way to remove the child seat would involve loosening the 4 bolts from the bracket using the supplied allen key. Once loose, you can remove each of the bolts by hand and slide the child seat off once the backing plates are removed.

Can you put a baby seat on any bike?

Most standard road bikes, hybrid bikes, commuter bikes, and mountain bikes can have a child seat mounted on them, but specialized bikes like carbon fiber frame bikes and suspension mountain bikes typically cannot have a child seat attached to them.

Can you attach a baby seat to a cruiser bike?

Child bike seats can safely attach to a cruise bike as long as the bike has the correct mounting points for the child seat. The recommended child seat for a cruiser bike is a rear-mount seat, as opposed to a front-mount seat, because rear-mounts are typically more compatible with the bike frame of a cruiser.

Do child bike seats fit all bikes?

Not all bike seats work with all bikes, so you will have to confirm whether the seat attaches to your seat post or bike rack. Rear frame mount seats typically attach to your seat post and need a few inches of clearance. Since my bike seat is as low as it can go, I was not able to attach a child bike seat to my bike.

What is a copilot child bike seat?

CoPilot child bike seats are designed to attach to the back of your bike, allowing you to ride with your child safely secured in the seat behind you. The seat comes in two parts: the rack the seat sits on and the seat itself.

What are the parts of the copilot seat?

The seat comes in two parts: the rack the seat sits on and the seat itself. All of the hardware required to install your CoPilot seat comes packaged with it, so the installation process requires only a single tool.

How do I secure the copilot seat to the rack?

Insert the provided security bar into the security catch to finish securing the seat to the rack. Wrap the security strap that is attached to the CoPilot seat around the bike’s seat stem and hook the strap’s clip onto the seat’s D-ring.

Why choose copilot?

Copilot seats and trailers have thick, plush padding, fully adjustable harness, and plenty of elbow and leg room, so your precious passengers will enjoy the ride. Copilot isn’t just a way of getting your family from place to place, it’s a memory in the making. Your bike and your cargo become an essential part of your every day adventures.