How do you add an electrical outlet to a desk?

  1. Start by marking the position of the outlet on the desk top. Take note of the placement of any support pieces, aprons or legs so the hole doesn’t interfere.
  2. Using the hole saw, cut the hole through the top of the desk or table.
  3. Touch up the finish on the top of the desk or table, if necessary.

What is power grommet?

The In Desk Power Grommet is a complementary addition to any desktop. It consists of a single fused UK socket, and a three fast charging USB. The Power Grommet fits a standard 80mm grommet hole, and represents an incredibly efficient use of wasted space.

How can I add power to my nightstand?


  1. Drill Your Hole. First, place your nightstand on its side on a flat surface.
  2. Add Power Strip. Next, place the power strip in the top drawer of the nightstand.
  3. Attach With Velcro. Finally, secure the power strip to the bottom of the drawer with sticky Velcro dots so it stays in place and doesn’t rattle around.

How do I add a USB outlet to a nightstand?

Steps to installing your outlet extender on your nightstand Place the outlet extender inside the holes to see if everything fits and then mark the screw holes. Place the drawer back to the nightstand and then place the outlet extender inside. Then, secure it with a screw and nut.

What are the holes in desks called?

Have you ever wondered what that hole’s actually called? Well, that little 2-inch space that is perfectly cut out in most desks is literally just called a hole. However, the little contraption that fits into it is called a grommet.

What are desk grommets?

Desk grommets are a great way to organize cables and route them through tabletops, desks or other furniture. They protect cables from abrasion by giving them a smooth surface to rub against, and direct them where they need to go through their openings.

Can I put a power strip in a cabinet?

As electricity moves, the electrons can generate heat. Normally, this isn’t a problem, but if you put your power strip under a rug or in a tightly enclosed space, it can create a fire hazard. In addition, if you step on it or any attached power cables, you can damage them, which can create a shock and/or fire hazard.

Can I put a power strip in a drawer?

Measure the size of where the desktop power strip will sit inside the drawer. I placed mine on the bottom of the drawer towards the back. So the cable connect to wall outlet and glide freely. Use drill and jigsaw to cut the hole so the power strip can sit comfortably and securely inside the drawer.

How do you add a charging station to your nightstand without ruining it?

To affix the charger to the nightstand, we recommend the 3M Command brand of removable adhesive strips. If you use the Command Picture Hanging Strips ($4), they separate from each other, like Velcro, so you can remove the charger to take with you while traveling if you wish.

How do you use a desk cable hole?

Quick and easy to install, just trace the grommet on your desk, drill the hole, place the grommet in the hole, and start protecting your cables.

What are the cable holes in desks called?

Do I need desk grommet?

Function: Do you need to organize and route your cables, or do you just want to protect them? The primary function of a desk grommet is to cover up the sharp edges on wood, metal, and glass desk cutouts, so that computer and phone wires can travel through them without being abraded or cut.