How do you add a user into sudoers file in Linux?

Steps to Add Sudo User on Ubuntu

  1. Log into the system with a root user or an account with sudo privileges.
  2. Open a terminal window and add a new user with the command: adduser newuser.
  3. You can replace newuser with any username you wish.
  4. The system will prompt you to enter additional information about the user.

How do you add a user to the sudoers file CentOS 8?

Procedure to add or create a sudo user on CentOS 8

  1. Open the terminal application.
  2. For remote CentOS server use the ssh command and log in as the root user using either su or sudo.
  3. Create a new CentOS user named tom, run: useradd tom.
  4. Set the password, execute: passwd tom.

How do I add myself to the sudoers file?

Adding User to the sudoers File You can configure the user sudo access by modifying the sudoers file or by creating a new configuration file in the /etc/sudoers. d directory. The files inside this directory are included in the sudoers file. Always use visudo to edit the /etc/sudoers file.

How do I sudo to another user?

To run a command as the root user, use sudo command . You can specify a user with -u , for example sudo -u root command is the same as sudo command . However, if you want to run a command as another user, you need to specify that with -u ….Using sudo.

Commands Meaning
sudo -u user -s Start a shell as user.

How do I edit the sudoers file in Linux?


  1. Log in as root user.
  2. Enter the following command to open the sudoers file for editing:
  3. Locate the following line: Defaults requiretty.
  4. Press the I key to insert text.
  5. Type a number sign ( # ) in front of Defaults requiretty to comment out the line.

How do I find the sudoers list in Linux?

You can find the sudoers file in “/etc/sudoers”. Use the “ls -l /etc/” command to get a list of everything in the directory. Using -l after ls will give you a long and detailed listing.

How do I fix the user is not in the sudoers file?

The issue is caused by your user not having sudo access in your system and can be quickly fixed by adding the user to the wheel group using the usermod command or via editing the sudoers file in your Linux system.

How do you fix the error user is not in the sudoers file CentOS 8?

Fixing the Error The solution is to add the user to the sudoers file. However, it’s up to the system administrator to decide whether the user should be granted access to the sudo command.

What is the command to add a new user in Linux?

1. How to Add a New User in Linux. To add/create a new user, you’ve to follow the command ‘useradd’ or ‘adduser’ with ‘username’. The ‘username’ is a user login name, that is used by a user to login into the system.