How do I set my college on naviance?

Log in to Naviance. Go to Colleges tab. Click on Colleges I’m Applying To Scroll back up to college that I am attending. Select the college you plan to attend and click update. Go to transcripts on the left side under. resources.Click on request transcripts for college. applications

How do you send recommendation letters to colleges on naviance?

Page 1Requesting Recommendation Letters In Naviance.Request your recommendation letters from your teachers in person first! Then, from your Naviance homepage, click on the Colleges link in the upper right hand corner, choose the drop down item Apply to College and choose Letters of Recommendation.

How do I upload my resume to naviance?

RESUME BUILDING INSTRUCTIONS: 1) On the Naviance home page, click the My Planner section on the righthand side. 2) Click Tasks. 3) Scroll down to Tasks you Need to Work On. 4) Click Build or Update Resume.

How do you use naviance?

Naviance is a third party vendor through which Recommendation Forms can be submitted via Common App. If a high school uses Naviance, the student’s CEEB code will drive the assign recommenders area of their application and prompt the student to work with their counselor to submit forms via Naviance.

How do I log into naviance as a student?

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How do I use naviance as a student?

1. Add your schools to Naviance, under “Colleges I’m Applying To.” *For Non-Common App Schools, log into your Naviance account and go to “Colleges I’m Applying To.” Then click “Add to this List.” *For Common App ( Schools, you will need to match your Common App account in Naviance.

How much does naviance cost per student?

This includes 14,500 high school students, 4,500 6th – 8th grade students. Average annual licensing cost per student is approximately $10 per student per year.