How do I run Ant command in CMD?

To run the ant build file, open up command prompt and navigate to the folder, where the build. xml resides, and then type ant info. You could also type ant instead. Both will work,because info is the default target in the build file.

What is Ant in command line?

Sometimes, project’s task require arguments which will be passed to another process by using command line. Ant allows command line arguments, even arguments which contains space characters. It supports element to pass arguments and uses various attribute given below.

How do I run Ant on Linux?

How to install ANT on LINUX

  1. Create downloads directory if you dont have one.
  2. Extract.
  3. Rename the new directory as ant.
  4. Insert the path into ANT_HOME.
  5. Update the global PATH variable to include ANT_HOME.
  6. Run the Ant script fetch. xml to install almost all the dependencies the optional Ant tasks need.

How do I run Ant on Windows?

Installing Apache Ant on Windows

  1. Check Java. Make sure you have a JDK installed on your system.
  2. Download Apache Ant. Open a Web browser and access the following URL:
  3. Extract the Archive. After the download is complete, extract installation files to the user-defined folder.
  4. Set up Environment Variables for Apache Ant.

What is an Ant task?

Ant tasks are the units of your Ant build script that actually execute the build operations for your project. Ant tasks are usually embedded inside Ant targets. Thus, when you tell Ant to run a specific target it runs all Ant tasks nested inside that target.

How do I run an ant project in Java?

Steps to export Ant build specification from Eclipse:

  1. Open the Java project in Eclipse.
  2. Right click the project.
  3. Go to Export.
  4. In the General section select Ant build files and click “Next”
  5. Select the project you want to build, un-check “Create target to compile project using Eclipse compiler”, and click “Finish”

How do you use ants?

This tutorial describes the usage of Ant as a build tool to compile Java code, pack this code into an executable jar and how to create Javadoc….

  1. 4.1. Using Ant for Java development.
  2. 4.2. Create Java project.
  3. 4.3. Create build.xml.
  4. 4.4. Run your Ant build from Eclipse.
  5. 4.5. Run your Ant build from the command line.

How do I open Apache Ant?

Getting Apache Ant

  1. Make sure you have a Java environment installed.
  2. Download Ant.
  3. Uncompress the downloaded file into a directory.
  4. Set environmental variables: JAVA_HOME to your Java environment, ANT_HOME to the directory you uncompressed Ant to, and add ${ANT_HOME}/bin (Unix) or %ANT_HOME%\bin (Windows) to your PATH .

How do I know if an Ant is installed?

You can check whether ANT is successfully installed by running the following command into the command prompt: ant –version – The Official 360logica Blog.