How do I renew my CIDB Licence?

To facilitate and improve transaction efficiency, CIDB introduced an online system called Centralized Information Management System (CIMS) on July 4, 2017. CIMS enables various transactions including the process of renewing CIDB licenses through the link

How long does it take to renew CIDB certificate?

How long does it take to renew CIDB certificate? It takes 21 working days to register. The 21 day turnaround time applies to applications that are complete and compliant with the requirements of the grade the contractor is applying for.

How can I check my CIDB license online?

How do I check on my application status?

  1. Application status can be accessed via. Systems log in CIMS > Registration > View Application History.
  2. Application Outcome Letters may also be checked upon. System log in CIMS > Registration > View Letter & Certificate.

How do I recover my CIDB account?

Password Recovery Please enter your existing user name (E-Mail Id) registered with CIDB to get your password. We will send your password information by email & SMS.

How much is it to renew CIDB?

CIDB GRADING – REGISTRATION FEES R 450 (Grade 1), R 700 (Grade 2), R 1,100 (Grade 3), R 1,650 (Grade 4), R 2,500 (Grade 5), R 4,250 (Grade 6) R 9,750 (Grade 7), R 29, 750 (Grade 8) R 55, 750 (Grade 9). Prices include registration & annual fees.

How can I renew my CIDB Green Card online?

Applications for the card and renewals can be made online through the CIMS system. Applicants must have the CIMS system ID whereby access ID registration are made by : Individuals (Local Residents only) or through; Employer’s ID.

How much is it to renew cidb?

How do I pay cidb?

For payment of registration fees please use the following cidb bank account details:

  1. Bank: Standard Bank SA.
  2. Account name: Construction Industry Development Board.
  3. Current Account: 03 224 3464.
  4. Branch code: 01 23 45 15.
  5. Branch name: Menlyn.

How do I renew my CIDB online?

What you need to do:

  1. Complete the relevant form for annual update and pay the annual fee. You only need to pay annual fees applicable to your highest grade if you are registered in more than one grade.
  2. Supply the cidb with your up-to-date Tax Compliance Status document, issued by SARS.
  3. Submit a valid electrical license.

How do I activate my CIDB card?

Once you have completed the construction personnel registration and received the Card from CIDB, you are required to activate the Card via Bayo portal (hyperlink) or wallet (available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store). You can start using the Card once the activation process is completed.

How do I pay CIDB?

How do I check my CIDB grades?

Verification of a contractor’s grading and registration status. Gradings of contractors who are actively registered on the Register of Contractors are listed on the cidb website