How do I order my McGill Opus card?

How to Order Your Card:

  1. Sign in to Minerva.
  2. Under the Student Menu menu, select “Order your reduced-Fare OPUS Card”
  3. After agreeing to the terms and conditions, you will be redirected to the STM website where you will pay the $15 fee**

How do I get a new McGill ID card?

Lost or Damaged McGill ID Cards

  1. The replacement fee for your lost or damaged McGill student ID card is $25 charged directly to your student fee account.
  2. To have your card replaced please book an appointment with the Service Point student ID center here.

Where can I buy an Opus card Reddit?

If you are a full-time student registered for Fall & Winter semesters, you can now go to Minerva>Student_Menu to request a reduced fare opus card to be delivered.

How do I contact McGill service point?


  1. Service Point.
  2. Chat with a Service Point agent.
  3. 514-398-7878.
  4. Service Point.
  5. Chat with a Service Point agent.
  6. 514-398-7878.
  7. [email protected]
  8. 514-398-6200.

How do I find my McGill ID?

Your McGill ID is the 9-digit number shown on your McGill ID card. If you don’t remember your McGill ID, click Forgot ID? Applicants: Your McGill ID number was sent to you in the email acknowledgement of your application. New Staff: Your McGill ID number was sent to the email address you provided when you applied.

How do I renew my McGill ID?

If you lose or damage your student ID card, there will be a $25 charge to replace it. Go to Service Point or Macdonald Campus (Continuing Education students should go to the School of Continuing Studies), and bring the following: Your McGill ID number (provided on your acceptance letter)

What do I do if I lost my McGill ID?

If you lose your card, or if it’s stolen

  1. Immediately contact Security at 514-398-3731 to report the loss, so they can deactivate access.
  2. Contact Human Resources Reception at 398-8000 for a free replacement. In priority cases, you will receive your card following the remote procedure.

Does the OPUS card work on the first day of the month?

A: The article in question dealt with the policy in place for OPUS monthly passes, and explained that on the first day of every month, riders can use their passes from the previous month. This is done to help avoid long lineups at OPUS recharge machines and at stores where they can be refilled.

How does an OPUS card work?

An OPUS card is a smart card on which you can charge all STM transit fares, with the exception of group fares, which are available on tickets only. OPUS cards are used by most transit authorities in the Greater Montréal area, and in the Québec City area.

Does McGill send mail?

McGill Mail Services Mail Service provides for the collection, processing and dispatching of internal and external mail for McGill University, as well as specific delivery services. All incoming mail is sorted the same day and delivered the same day or the following morning before Noon.

What is my McGill ID number?