How do I get to Girnar Datta temple?

Girnar Parbat is just 5 km from Junagadh, and accessibility is easy from different parts of the country. The nearest airport is Keshod Airport, which is at a distance of 40 km. From here, you can easily find taxis and buses to reach Girnar Parvat.

How many steps are there in Girnar ambaji to Dattatreya?

9999 steps
A daunting task is climbing the Girnar Mountains 9999 steps (2 peaks i.e. up-down-up) to reach there.

Is there ropeway in Girnar?

Girnar ropeway is a ropeway on Mount Girnar in Junagadh district, Gujarat, India. It is Asia’s second longest ropeway first is Genting Highland, Malaysia….

Girnar ropeway
Construction cost ₹130 crore (US$17 million)
Construction begin September 2018
Open 24 October 2020

How long does it take to climb Girnar with ropeway?

about 5 hours one
Girnar temples (in Junagadh-Guajrat) are on Girnar mountain which is about 1100m high. You will find here beautiful Jain temples. Lord Neminath and Lord Mallinath Temples are very nice. You have to climb about 9500 steps taking easily about 5 hours one way.

How do I plan a Girnar trip?

Detailed Itinerary

  1. Day-1 Arrival at Bhavnagar. Travel to Talaja and Back Arrival at Bhavnagar.
  2. Day-2 Climb up Shatrunjaya Hill (3000 steps) for Palitana Pilgrimage Travel to Palitana (60 kms).
  3. Day-3 Proceed to Junagadh Leave early morning for Junagadh for Girnar.
  4. Day-4 Departure Proceed for the onward journey.

How difficult is Girnar Trek?

Climbing almost 9000 plus steps in a winter night that too without any prior preparation wasn’t that easy but when you have desire and passions for your goal every tasks turns easy for you.

How many steps is it from ropeway to Girnar?

5,000 steps
The ropeway has the capacity to carry 800 passengers in an hour, and 8,000 in a day. “The ropeway will take passengers to an altitude of 900 metre, which is equal to 5,000 steps. The tallest pillar is 66 metres high,” Jhawar added.

Which temple has 9999 steps?

Standing tall at 3672 feet, Girnar is an ancient hill in Junagadh, covered with 866 Hindu and Jain temples that are spread over its summit. One has to climb 9999 steps to reach the final summit. It is said that Girnar Hill holds a special place for Hindu devotees.

What is the price of Junagadh ropeway ticket?

Girnar Cable Car ticket prices are ₹700 (two-way) and ₹400 (one-way), while the fare for children aged 5-10 is ₹350. No fare will be charged for children under the age of 5.

How far is Girnar Jain temple from ropeway?

The ropeway starts from Girnar mountain base and ends at AmbajiMaa temple. There are total of 9999 steps to rich to last peak on mt. Girnar and ropeway connects till 5000 steps. One has to climb another 5000 steps to visit guru Gorakhnath temple and Guru Dattatreya Temple.

Does Girnar ropeway stop at Jain temple?

How many km is Girnar Parikrama?

36 Km
The Girnar Parikrama starts from the Dudheshwar temple at Girnar Taleti and the total distance is 36 Km.