How do I generate 16 QAM in Matlab?

Define parameters.

  1. M = 16; % Modulation order (alphabet size or number of points in signal constellation) k = log2(M); % Number of bits per symbol n = 30000; % Number of bits to process sps = 1; % Number of samples per symbol (oversampling factor)
  2. rng default; dataIn = randi([0 1],n,1); % Generate vector of binary data.

What QAM 16?

16 Quadrature Amplitude Modulation. This is a modulation technique in which the carrier can exist in one of sixteen different states. As such, each state can represent four bits – 0000 through to 1111, per symbol change.

How many bits are transmitted as a symbol at a time in 16 QAM?

In a more complex scheme such as 16-QAM, four bits of data are transmitted in each symbol, resulting in a bit rate of four times the symbol rate.

How do you do QAM modulation in Matlab?

y = qammod( x , M ) modulates input signal x by using QAM with the specified modulation order M . Output y is the modulated signal. y = qammod( x , M , symOrder ) specifies the symbol order.

What is Awgn Matlab?

Description. y = awgn( x , snr ) adds white Gaussian noise to the vector signal x . This syntax assumes that the power of x is 0 dBW. For more information about additive white Gaussian noise, see What is AWGN?

What is 8QAM?

Digital QAM (8QAM) In 8QAM, three input bits generate eight modulation states using four phase angles on 90 degree boundaries and two amplitudes (4 phases X 2 amplitudes = 8 states). Digital modulation greater than 8QAM is difficult to visualize.

What is bandwidth of QAM?

The primary benefit of QAM variants is efficient usage of bandwidth. This is because QAM represents more bits per carrier. For example, 256-QAM maps 8 bits per carrier and 16-QAM maps 4 bits per carrier.

Which is better 16-QAM or 64 QAM?

Even 256 QAM provides more bandwidth than 64 QAM. A 64 QAM provides 38 Mbps bandwidth for stream while 256 QAM provides more than that. QAM is higher order form of modulation so it can carry more information….Comparison Of 4 QAM 8 QAM 16 QAM 32 QAM Etc.

64QAM 6 1/6 bit rate

What is the bandwidth of QAM?

How is QAM bandwidth calculated?

The required bandwidth is related to bit rate and the modulation order M. It is so that the double sided bandwidth w = symbol rate= bit rate rb/ divided by the number of bit per symbol n. The number of bits per symbol is = log 2M with M is the M is the QAM modulation order.

How do you create a modulated signal in Matlab?

y = modulate( x , fc , fs ) modulates the real message signal x with a carrier frequency fc and sample rate fs . If x is a matrix, the modulated signal is computed independently for each column and stored in the corresponding column of y . [ y , t ] = modulate( x , fc , fs ) also returns the internal time vector t .

How does QAM modulation work?

A QAM modulator works like a translator, helping to translate digital packets into an analog signal to transfer data seamlessly. QAM is used to achieve high levels of spectrum usage efficiency. This is accomplished by utilizing both the amplitude and phase components to provide a form of modulation.

How many bits are in a 16 QAM matrix?

In the matrix, is the total number of QAM symbols, and is the number of bits per symbol. For 16-QAM, = 4. Then convert the matrix into a column vector of length equal to the number of input bits, 30,000.

How do you convert QAM to matrix in MATLAB?

Use the de2bi function to convert the data symbols from the QAM demodulator, dataSymbolsOut, into a binary matrix, dataOutMatrix, with dimensions –by–. In the matrix, is the total number of QAM symbols, and is the number of bits per symbol. For 16-QAM, = 4.

How to apply 16-QAM modulation using qammod?

Apply 16-QAM modulation using the qammod function. Use the upfirdn function to upsample the signal by the oversampling factor and apply the RRC filter. The upfirdn function pads the upsampled signal with zeros at the end to flush the filter. Then, the function applies the filter.

How do I add pulse shaping and error correction to 16-QAM signal?

To add a pulse shaping filter to the communications link, see the Use Pulse Shaping on 16-QAM Signal example. To add forward error correction to the communications link with pulse shape filtering, see the Use Forward Error Correction on 16-QAM Signal example.