How do I embed a view controller in a navigation controller storyboard?

In your storyboard, select the initial view controller in your hierarchy. With this view controller selected, choose the menu item Editor -> Embed In -> Navigation Controller .

How do I get navigation controller root view controller?

The root view controller is simply the view controller that sits at the bottom of the navigation stack. You can access the navigation controller’s array of view controllers through its viewControllers property. To access the root view controller, we ask for the first item of the array of view controllers.

How do I create a custom view controller?

Creating Custom Views programatically. Open Xcode ▸ File ▸ New ▸ File ▸ Cocoa Touch class ▸ Add your class name ▸ Select UIView or subclass of UIView under Subclass of ▸ Select language ▸ Next ▸ Select target ▸ Create the source file under your project directory.

How do I create a custom navigation bar in Swift?

Go to the ViewController. swift file and add the ViewDidAppear method. a nav helper variable which saves typing. the Navigation Bar Style is set to black and the tint color is set to yellow, this will change the bar button items to yellow.

How do I change the root view controller in Swift?

  1. // switch root view controllers.
  2. let storyboard = UIStoryboard. init(name: “Main”, bundle: nil) let nav = storyboard.
  3. self. window?.
  4. }
  5. func switchBack() {
  6. // switch back to view controller 1. let storyboard = UIStoryboard.
  7. let nav = storyboard. instantiateViewControllerWithIdentifier(“One”)
  8. self. window?.

How do I create an xib file in Swift?

  1. Create a XIB File.
  2. Design Your View in Interface Builder.
  3. Create a Custom UIView File.
  4. Override Both UIView Initializers.
  5. Add UIView As XIB File’s Owner.
  6. Add Entire View as an IB Outlet in UIView File.
  7. Load XIB in Common Initializer.
  8. Use Your View.

What is IBDesignable and IBInspectable?

IBDesignable is user defined run time. Mean that if any IBDesignable view is rendered on the storyboard, you will find the view and change the value of the IBInspectable property, this will directly reflect on the storyboard without running the app. IBInspectable is run time property, this works as key coding value.