How do I contact Rakuten UK?

Tel: 0203 137 82680203 137 8268.

Can I contact Rakuten in English?

Currently, the Rakuten Card application and Rakuten e-NAVI, a cardholder service website for checking your account, are only available in Japanese. However, the customer call center provides English support for inquiries over the phone.

How do I get my money back from Rakuten?

Earning Cash Back with us is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Start at Rakuten: On the Rakuten website or in the Rakuten App, click the store where you want to shop.
  2. Shop Like Always: Place an order and we’ll automatically add Cash Back to your account.
  3. Choose How to Get Paid: We’ll send your Cash Back via PayPal or check.

How long does it take for cash back to show up on Rakuten?

Most Cash Back rewards are credited within 48 hours. Some stores, however, cannot confirm your purchase until the return period has elapsed and may take up to thirty days to confirm your Cash Back. Travel and car rental sites do take longer to process Cash Back for Rakuten members than other sites.

How do I communicate with Rakuten?

Phone Support Call Us using our United States Toll-free number +1-888-880-8430 or call: +1-646-943-8200 and select option 7.

Does Rakuten work in UK? is a website owned by Rakuten, that operates as an online marketplace. The website does not sell any products directly, but instead allows third party sellers to sell their products…

Type of site Retail
Available in English
Owner Rakuten
Commercial Yes

How do I change my payment method on Rakuten?

How can you Add or Change the Credit or Debit cards linked to your account?

  1. Go to “Settings”, which is located on the top right hand corner of the homepage.
  2. Click on the “Payment methods” tap.
  3. Insert your card details.
  4. Then click on “Add Credit Card”.

How do I cancel my Rakuten credit card in Japan?

If you have a Rakuten Bank card, please call directly Rakuten Bank Customer Call Center. ※If you cannot use toll-free number, please call Rakuten Bank at 03-6832-2255.

Why did I not get Rakuten cash back?

If you made a purchase and don’t see Cash Back in your account, it may be due to one of these reasons: Using coupons you found outside of Rakuten. Using or even attempting to use any coupon codes, offers or promotions that are not on Rakuten can void your Cash Back.

Why did I not get Rakuten Cash Back?

Does Rakuten have a limit?

The difference in shopping with Rakuten is that when stores pay us, we pay you. Even better: Membership is free. There’s no limit to how much Cash Back you can earn.