How do I contact fishpond?

Contact The Fishpond Team

  1. Address. Fishpond Ltd., Fishpond Towers, Ranelagh, Dublin 6, Ireland.
  2. Office Hours. Monday to Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm.
  3. Telephone. +353 1 4433545.

Is fishpond a NZ company?

Fishpond Ltd. is a New Zealand e-commerce company. It was one of the first major companies to sell books over the Internet in New Zealand.

Where is fishpond made?

Otter Creek Ranch, Colorado The birthplace of fishpond.

Does fishpond deliver to Australia?

Australia Shipping Rates Standard shipping is free on over 19 million products sent anywhere within Australia or New Zealand with some exclusions. Items in stock in our Sydney or Auckland warehouses have a flat rate shipping fee of $7.95 (excludes remote addresses).

Where does fishpond ship from?

At Fishpond, we cover the cost of shipping and delivery within New Zealand or Australia, with some exclusions. Items in stock in our Auckland and Sydney warehouses have a flat rate shipping fee of $3.95. So you can order as many items as you like that are in stock for one fee of $3.95.

Can fishpond com au be trusted?

reliable and efficient. fishpond over many years has proven itself to be an excellent provider of books.

Who is fishpond owned by?

The business, which is part of larger company WorldFront, operates through a network of fulfilment centres in US, UK, Australia and New Zealand and employs about 100 people, and pulls in hundreds of millions in revenue each year.

Where does Fishpond ship from?

Can Fishpond com au be trusted?

How long does fishpond shipping take?

If your order has been marked as “Shipped” please allow up to three to five working days for delivery. Rural address and addresses outside Australia and New Zealand will take longer to be delivered.

How long is fishpond delivery?

NZ Post Standard Mail Next working day in Auckland, 1-3 days for all other areas. Please note that delivery targets are a guide only and we do not guarantee that your item will arrive within the delivery target.

Where is Fishpond com au located?

The Auckland-based retailer appears to have fallen on hard times but Fishpond has continued to take payment for items it is has been unable to deliver for the past four months.