How do I connect my mixer to CDJ?

For connecting record vinyl turntables, use the RCA cables to connect the mixer in the PHONO and not the LINE input. For connecting CDJs, connect the RCA cables to the LINE input on the left hand side of the PHONO connections. LINE connection is used for CDJs due to the signal not needing a boost like the PHONO does.

Can 2 CDJs play 4 channels?

Multiple Sources. The great thing about a 4-channel mixer is that you can connect more than just your two standard DJ turntables, whether it be vinyl record turntables, CDJs or XDJs. It’s possible to connect all sorts of devices such as: 2 CDJs + 1 Vinyl Turntable (for DVS use)

What is a CDJ mixer?

A CDJ is a specialized digital music player for DJing. Originally designed to play music from compact discs, many CDJs can play digital music files stored on USB flash drives or SD cards. In typical use, at least two CDJs are plugged into a DJ mixer.

Why do DJs use CDJs instead of controllers?

The argument for CDJs… A CDJ DJ would tell you that CDJs are more flexible (being able to play all music formats, as well as work as Midi controllers for DJ software). They’ll say that as CDJs are in the clubs, that’s what you should learn on.

Do people still use CDJs?

CDJs are Adopted by Venues as Standard If you haven’t already noticed by watching YouTube videos of DJs playing big DJ sets in places like Printworks or Fabric, even big festivals like Coachella, Winter Music Festival or Glastonbury, CDJs are the format of choice. Pioneer is the brand, usually, and CDJs are the format.

Should I buy a DJ controller or CDJs?

If price / budget is your main worry but still have a desire to get into DJing as a hobby or an early test of a career move, I’d highly recommend a DJ controller. The controls are very similar to those of CDJs, so when and if you decide to DJ on CDJs the difference is not going to be too great.

What controller is closest to CDJs?

DDJ-1000SRT – Intermediate Upper The closest you can get to the industry standard CDJ and DJM setup is with this intermediate controller. It comes in two options, the DDJ-1000 for rekordbox dj and the DDJ-1000SRT for Serato DJ Pro.

Why do DJs use 4 decks?

Many DJ controllers today come with 4 decks. These are easily switchable via buttons on each deck, allowing you to control 4 tracks within your chosen DJ software. Some controllers also come with an additional pair of inputs, allowing you to connect external decks to your controller.

What is the difference between a CDJ and a mixer?

1) A CDJ is used to play music tracks whereas a mixer accepts the raw audio signals from one of more players (CDJ’s) and allows you (the DJ) to manipulate the music from one or more CDJs and control how the music is delivered to the Master out (speakers). 3) (it makes sense to answer Q3 first)…

Is CDJ DJing tedious compared to controller DJing?

While CDJ DJing is undeniably tedious compared to controller DJing because you’re so limited in what you can do, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t know how to do it. So here are some tips especially for the controller DJ who’s wisely decided it’s time to get proficient with CDJs.

Should you buy a CDJ or a controller for your music?

One of the great things about controllers is that once you’ve got a system, navigating your playlists and music library is really easy. With CDJs, you’re back in the dark ages. So make sure you’ve thought through how you’re going to arrange your music.

Can any digital DJ use a vinyl CDJ?

And while using vinyl is a definite skill and one that can only be nailed with lots of practice, luckily CDJs are easier – and every digital DJ really ought to be at least capable of using them, at least in a basic fashion. Why?