How do I change my MSI logo?

  1. Acquire “AMI ChangeLogo Tool v5. 0.0. 2” from here.
  2. Acquire the BIOS to modify. I used E7B89AMS. 1A3.
  3. Extract and rename the BIOS to E7B89AMS.ROM.
  4. Run ChangeLogo_v5.exe.
  5. Click “Load Image”
  6. Select E7B89AMS.ROM.
  7. Click “Browse” below “Save Logo”
  8. Select your new boot logo, It *must* be JPEG no bigger than 800×600.

How do I change or customize the BIOS logo?

Here are the steps to customize the BIOS logo:

  1. Access the Computer Setup utility, and select System Configuration.
  2. Select Device Configurations, UEFI Boot Mode, Enabled.
  3. Select the custom logo image you want to use, and then use the imaging software to convert the image to a bitmap (.

Is MSI owned by ASUS?

Micro-Star International, known as MSI, was founded in 1988, a year before Asus was founded, both companies are based in Taiwan, and it is fair to say that Asus is now more popular than laptops than MSI. … However, MSI is much more familiar with the gaming world than the general computing world of laptops.

Is MSI fast boot worth it?

You need to enable MSI Fast Boot if you’re using a hard disk drive. After it is enabled, you will obtain a noticeable quick start-up speed. If you use a solid-state drive, you are not recommended to enable the MSI Fast Boot as it won’t make an obvious difference. Additionally, the boot time of the SSD is fast enough.

What BIOS does MSI use?

MSI’s Click BIOS 5 allows users to keep tabs on their hardware in real-time with Hardware Monitor. It tracks all the stats you’ll need to assist you in your quest to get the most out of your hardware without compromising safely. Cooling and acoustics are essential to the running of any system.

What is BIOS splash screen?

Alternatively referred to as a boot screen, boot skin, or welcome screen. The splash screen is an introduction page that is displayed as a program or computer is loading or booting.

Is MSI is a Chinese company?

MSI (Micro-Star International Co., Ltd, Chinese: 微星科技股份有限公司) is a Taiwanese multinational information technology corporation headquartered in New Taipei City, Taiwan.

Is MSI worse than Asus?

Asus gaming laptops are slightly faster and more durable than Msi, so they might be a better choice overall if you want the best of the best gaming laptop between these two brands. Overall, Asus and Msi laptops are good options for gamers since they come with the latest hardware and they’re both worth their price tag.

What does GO2BIOS do?

Answer. Setting GO2BIOS option to Enabled allows you to boot the system directly to bios setup when you press the Power button for 4 seconds.