How do I cancel my EDF contract?

There is no notice period: you can cancel your EDF electricity and/or gas contract by contacting us by telephone on: +33 (0)9 69 36 63 83 (price of a local call within France). An appointment is necessary if your electricity and/or gas meter is not accessible.

How do I set up EDF in France?

To do so on-line you will need to register with EDF at Espace Client. You can then make application for a supply on-line. Enedis also offer an English speaking service. Their contact details can be found at Moving House.

How do I change EDF?

Change your electricity and gas supplier in four easy steps

  1. Get a quick quote, choose your tariff and buy online.
  2. We’ll talk to your current supplier so you don’t have to.
  3. We’ll contact you when we’re ready for your meter reading(s).
  4. We’ll let you know when your switch is complete.

Can I leave EDF?

You don’t have to pay the exit fee if your tariff is due to end within the next three months, or if you cancel within the 14-day cooling off period when you first sign up. Not all tariffs have an exit fee. Dual fuel tariffs have one exit fee for electricity and one for gas.

Can I cancel my energy contract?

In most cases, cancelling an energy contract is fairly straightforward. You’ll simply need to notify your supplier that you want to terminate your agreement. However, if you’ve taken out a fixed-term deal that’s yet to expire, or signed another time dependent contract, things may not be quite so easy.

How do you read a French EDF meter?

To read the meter, just take note of the numbers written on the dial(s). If you are subscribed to the peak / off-peak option, you should distinguish the “HP” (Heures Pleines) dial from the “HC” (Heures Creuses) dial when taking note of the readings.

How do I contact EDF France from English?

If you prefer to reach the EDF English speaking customer service you need to dial +339 69 36 63 83.

Can I switch electricity provider?

Yes, usually you can switch energy suppliers if you rent. As a tenant, you have the right to switch if you pay your supplier directly for the energy you use.

Is there a charge for leaving EDF?

3.1 You can end this contract at any time by giving us notice, however if you end this contract three or more months before the tariff end date, you will be charged a £25 exit fee for each fuel.

Do EDF have exit fees?

Does EDF have an exit fee?

You need to pay your tariff’s exit fee if you cancel your tariff with more than three months to go on your contract – even if you’re cancelling it to move onto another EDF tariff.

Comment souscrire un contrat EDF en ligne?

Pour souscrire votre contrat EDF en ligne il vous faut indiquer au fournisseur historique les informations suivantes : Votre adresse postale exacte afin que la souscription soit liée à votre numéro de compteur, votre nom et votre adresse.

Comment souscrire à l’espace client EDF?

Il suffit pour cela de souscrire en ligne sur le site du fournisseur historique . Pour les personnes qui sont déjà clients chez EDF, l’espace client EDF permet d’effectuer toutes les gestions du contrat directement en ligne.

Comment souscrire une offre EDF?

Vous pouvez aussi souscrire une offre EDF par courrier en écrivant à l’adresse suivante : Toutes les agences EDF ont fermé en 2018, vous devez donc obligatoirement appeler le service client ou vous rendre en ligne pour contacter EDF que vous habitiez à Ajaccio, à Paris ou encore à Lille.

Comment souscrire un abonnement EDF par téléphone?

Pour souscrire un abonnement EDF par téléphone, il suffit d’appeler le fournisseur au 3004 pour les offres de marché ou au 09 69 32 15 15 pour le Tarif réglementé (Tarif Bleu) (appel non surtaxé, disponible du lundi au samedi de 8h à 20h).