How do I calibrate my MC9090?

Method 1 – MC9090 Battery Insertion

  1. Remove and re-insert the MC9090 battery.
  2. To calibrate the screen so the cursor on the touch screen aligns with the top of the stylus, carefully press and hold the tip of the stylus on the center of each target that appears on the screen.
  3. Repeat until complete, or press ESC to cancel.

How do I connect my Motorola MC9090 to WIFI?

I want to connect my MC9090 to the network, how do I do that?

  1. Open the mobile companion utility, by tapping on the wireless icon shown in the bottom system tray.
  2. On the Mobile Companion menu, select Find WLANS.
  3. The device should discover the Wireless LAN name of your network.
  4. Tap and Hold, on the name of your network.

How do you use a Motorola scanner?

Press and hold the Bluetooth button (round button) for five seconds. The scanner beeps and the Bluetooth button starts blinking quickly to indicate that the scanner is discoverable by the host. On your mobile device, turn on Bluetooth and let it search for devices. You will see your scanner in the list.

Where is serial number MC9090?

Motorola MC9090 / MC9190 serial number lookup On units with WinMobile (WM) 6.5 operating systems, go to “Start > Settings > Control Panel > System Info”, System screen, again, 3rd down is the ESN: field. The number can be found there.

How do you calibrate a scanner gun?

Carefully position the scanner at the desired reading distance and angle from your target barcode sample, and then press and release the trigger once. The scanner may beep and flash a few times as it calibrates itself to your particular barcode sample.

How do I connect PDT to my computer?

Transferring Data Files from the PDT to the Computer

  1. On the terminal, go File Options – Send File, and Pause on Serial.
  2. On the computer, open the application ptfer.exe.
  3. On the Percon Portable File Transfer Screen choose Options.
  4. Choose Connect.
  5. Wait until “Comm…
  6. Choose the File menu item and select File Name.

How do I set my Motorola radio to scan?

Turn On: Press the button… the screen shows two options…. press the button to turn the Scanner “On” a “Z” should appear in the upper screen. Turn Off: … Press the button twice and the “Z” will disappear from the screen.

Where do I find my scanner serial number?

Generally, the serial number is located at the bottom or back of the device. In some devices, the serial number location could be at the front or side panel (slide down the opener to view the serial number). The following are possible locations of the serial number on your General Purpose Scanners: Back of your device.

Where is the serial number on a symbol scanner?

The serial number is the 16-digit figure below the barcode or QR code printed on the label affixed to the back of the product.