How do I add archive widgets to WordPress?

Add Archives Widget In your dashboard, click on Appearance → Widgets. Choose the location where you’d like to place the widget on your site. Common options here include the Footer and Sidebar, but this may be different depending on your theme.

How do I use simple annual archive in WordPress?


  1. Download the plugin and unzip it.
  2. Upload the folder simple-yearly-archive/ to your /wp-content/plugins/ folder.
  3. Activate the plugin from your WordPress admin panel.
  4. Installation finished.

How do I hide Widgets in WordPress?

Log into the WordPress Dashboard. Search for, install, and activate Widget Disable. Navigate to Appearance>Disable Widgets. Under Sidebar Widgets, check off the box next to all of the widgets you want to disable and hide.

How do I archive pages in WordPress?

Simply head over to the posts screen and select the posts you want to archive. Next, from the bulk actions drop down menu select Edit and click the apply button. WordPress will show you the bulk edit options for the selected posts. Under the status option, choose Archived and click the update button.

What is archive widget WordPress?

The Archive widget is used to organise your previously published posts by month. The archive widgets makes it easy for you and your readers to easily access previous months or years posts. For example, clicking on June 2021 archive link displays all your posts written in that month.

What is inactive sidebar in WordPress?

“Inactive Sidebar” shows in Appearance > Widgets if you had added widgets to a sidebar that doesn’t show on your blog.

Can you hide a widget?

Click on any widget that you want to show or hide. This will expand the widget settings and you will see a new ‘Widget Context’ section. Widget Context plugin allows you to easily show / hide widgets on selected WordPress posts, pages, archives, and more.

How do I remove inactive widgets WordPress?

Simply navigate to Appearance » Widgets and then go to the ‘Inactive Widgets’ section at the bottom of the page. Next, click the ‘Clear Inactive Widgets’ button to remove your inactive widgets permanently.

What is archive in Elementor?

Archives have different terms that you can use to filter them, terms you’re familiar with: Author, Date, Category, Search results, Recent posts, Tags or any other taxonomy. Before we begin with the Elementor steps, keep in mind that WordPress plays a significant role in the Blog archive page creation.

What is the use of archive page in WordPress?

Archive pages are generated to organize a list of posts under a specific post type, category, or tag. For example, a blog is a great illustration of the WordPress archive page.

What is Template Hierarchy WordPress?

The template hierarchy is a system WordPress uses to quickly determine which template file is required to display a selected web page on your website. This call-up feature is built into WordPress and happens behind the scenes, in milliseconds, when someone lands on pages within your theme.

How do I make an inactive widget active?