How do I access NWBC in SAP?

4.9 Transaction NWBC

  1. In all SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP systems, you can start the Launch NWBC ( NWBC) transaction by .entering /nNWBC in the command prompt field:
  2. This transaction code starts the ~launch page in the browser, that is, a separate browser instance is started.

How do you trace NWBC?

How to Activate Trace for NWBC for Desktop

  1. Purpose. You are requested by SAP support consultant to provide a trace.
  2. Go to menu Support.
  3. A popup will be displayed after step 1.
  4. Trace level description.
  5. Extended Supportability in NWBC for Desktop.
  6. Trace location.
  7. Related SAP Notes/KBAs.

What is SAP NWBC?

SAP NetWeaver Business Client (NWBC) is a new SAP user interface (UI), presenting end users with a seamless integration of classic SAP GUI-based transactions and newly developed applications based on Web Dynpro ABAP. In the desktop variant, a high-fidelity UI is offered to improve the user experience.

How do I find my NWBC version?

NW Version in ECC System

  1. Step 1 − Login to SAP ECC system using SAP GUI.
  2. Step 2 − Select the system for which you want to check NetWeaver version and login.
  3. Step 3 − To check the version, click the system tab at the top → Status.
  4. Step 5 − Under the Release tab, you can check the version of NetWeaver version.

What is the difference between NWBC and portal?

NWBC is theme based and has limited customization options while the Portal has extensive customization options (Colors, logos/branding).

How do I open a browser in SAP?

Start the SAP GUI for Windows and then click the hamburger menu top left > Options. Then select Interactive Design > Control Settings and choose your default browser as shown below. The next time you start a transaction in SAP, it will automatically use the selected browser.

How do I access SAP business client?

SAP Business Client

  1. System connection type Fiori launchpad.
  2. System connection type SAP Business Client.
  3. System connection type SAP Logon.

How do I find SAP application version from OS level?

GO TO- > System in the menu bar -> Click Status ->Click Component Icon on the SAP System Data Tab… You will see new screen with Two Tab. Click Installed Product Version Tab. Here you can see SAP ERP versiona dn EPH version and SAP Netweaver version also.

What is the latest version of SAP ECC?

The newest version of the product is SAP ECC 6.0 Enhancement Pack 8. SAP ECC is the core component within the SAP’s Business Suite (a collection of applications including SAP CRM, SAP SCM and others, alongside the ECC component).

What is the difference between SAP business client and SAP logon?

The main difference between NWBC and SAP GUI is the way you can access Web Dynpro (WD) application. Using SAP GUI, when you execute WD application, it opens in a browser whereas on NWBC it opens within the GUI just like a normal Dynpro transaction if that application is added to your role.

How do I open a NetWeaver in SAP?

To start SAP NetWeaver Administrator, enter the following data in a Web browser: http://:/nwa , where:

  1. is the host where AS Java is installed.
  2. is the HTTP port of the ICM. It consists of 500 . For example, if the Java instance number is 60 , the HTTP port is 56000 .

How do I open a NWBC file in Chrome?

Click Go To → Services. Select HTTP service, Service → Activate. When you run NWBC transaction in ABAP system, it shows a list of all cockpits on the system and the list of associated roles. The first icon or the link with the leading slash will open NWBC for HTML.

How do I stop the NWBC from migrating my entries?

HKEY_CURRENT_USER –> Software –> SAP –> NWBC –> Settings –> LShape –> DontUseSapGuiMigrationTool and set it to True. That should stop the NWBC from migrating your NWBC entries all the time.

Where do I Find my SAPGUI config files?

You’ve just installed the new SAPGUI 7.40, and gone are all your system connections. very annoying… It all starts in your SAPGUI configuration. You need to know where your config files are stored. Go to your windows explorer and navigate to this folder. You’ll see some files there.

How to migrate saplogon to a new computer?

Go to your windows explorer and navigate to this folder. You’ll see some files there. These are the ones you need: When you launch your SAPLogon, an automatic migration will happen from your SapLogonTree.xml (which may refer to saplogon.ini and shorcuts.ini)

How to create SAP easy access for backend system?

One new window will open for SAP backend system and click start SAP Easy Access. This SAP will open in internet explorer Same steps you need follow : Create New Application –> Provide link name as Table acces –> select Transaction in Application Category —> Provide T-Code SE16