How did donnalyn Bartolome became famous?

Aside from a recording contract, Bartolome secured a movie contract with Viva Entertainment. She shot to fame after the release of her single “Kakaibabe”, a track on the Diary ng Panget soundtrack, and “LM4M”, a song produced by Jon Bonus. She released the album Happy Break Up with lead single “Happy Break Up”.

What is donnalyn Bartolome real name?

Donnalyn Jereos BartolomeDonnalyn Bartolome / Full name

What is the real name of Blackbirde Vlogger?

He gained popularity after posting a video of himself participating in a viral video challenge of the song “Dalagang Pilipina” by ALLMO$T….

Personal information
Born Jeremy Lomibao Sancebuche November 11, 1996 Parañaque, Philippines
Occupation Vlogger model YouTuber singer
YouTube information

How tall is donnalyn Bartolome?

5′ 1″Donnalyn Bartolome / Height

Who wrote Kakaibabe?

Donnalyn Bartolome
After her chirpy, rap-pop single “Kakaibabe” became a hit and the subject of memes four years ago, singer-songwriter Donnalyn Bartolome has admittedly refocused her attention, from music to acting.

Who are donnalyn’s parents?

Reynaldo Mulawin
Tonylyn Mulawin
Donnalyn Bartolome/Parents

How old is donnalyn?

27 years (July 9, 1994)Donnalyn Bartolome / Age

How old is Zeinab?

23 years (December 11, 1998)Zeinab Harake / Age

How old is donnalyn Bartolome?

How tall is Mona Alawi?

4′ 3″Mona Louise Rey / Height

What is the real name of Jelai Andres?


Real Name Jelai Andres
Boyfriend Name Jon Gutierrez
Relationship Status Divorce
Physical Status
Age 30 Year Old

How old is donalyn?