How can I win college?

These college-tested–and often surprising—strategies include:Don’t do all your reading.Drop classes every term.Become a club president.Care about your grades, ignore your GPA.Never pull an all-nighter.Take three days to write a paper.Always be working on a “grand project”Do one thing better than anyone else you know.

What are the eight TRiO programs?

TRIO Program ReportsA Profile of the Federal TRIO Programs and Child Care Access Means Parents in School Program: 2008 MS Word (446K) | PDF (267K)Veterans Upward Bound.Upward Bound Math-Science.Upward Bound.Student Support Services.Talent Search.Ronald E. Educational Opportunity Centers.

How is Trio funded?

Through a grant competition, funds are awarded to institutions of higher education and other public and private nonprofit institutions and organizations to support training to enhance the skills and expertise of project directors and staff employed in the Federal TRIO Programs.

Is gear up a trio program?

Foremost among these programs are the federal Trio programs and the Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Program (GEAR UP). GEAR UP includes a scholarship component, while Trio provides financial aid counseling and work-study employment.

What is Trio day?

National TRIO Day is a day of celebration, reflection and action around increased access to higher educa- tion for disadvantaged students. Federal TRIO Programs help low-income and first-generation students enter college and earn a college degree.

Is trio a nonprofit organization?

More Information on TRiO Programs: The Council for Opportunity in Education is a nonprofit organization established in 1981 that is dedicated to furthering the expansion of educational opportunities throughout the United States.

What is the TRIO Upward Bound program?

TRIO Upward Bound (UB) is an academic and college preparatory program funded by the US Department of Education. The purpose of UB is to develop the skills and motivation necessary for students to successfully complete high school and to enter and succeed in college.