How can I prepare for Chennai Math Institute entrance?

The entrance exam of Chennai Mathematical Institute (CMI) will be conducted in a paper-based test mode….CMI Entrance Exam 2022 Preparation Strategy

  1. Make a preparation plan and organise study material.
  2. Know the exam pattern and syllabus.
  3. Gather books and question papers.
  4. Practise mock papers and revise thoroughly.

What is syllabus in CMI exam?

CMI Entrance Exam 2021 Pattern

Courses Exam Pattern
B.Sc (Hons.) Mathematics and Computer Science Part A (40 marks, 10 questions) Part B (60 marks, six questions) Total marks – 100 Time – 3 hours
B.Sc (Hons.) Mathematics and Physics Part A (30 marks, 10 questions) Part B (70 marks, 7 questions) Total marks – 100

What is the level of CMI entrance exam?

The Chennai Mathematical Institue (CMI) conducts a written entrance exam at a national level for offering admissions in Bachelor of Science (BSc) courses in Mathematics, Computer Sciences and Physics and, the Master of Science (MSc) in Mathematics, Computer Sciences, Data Sciences.

What is the highest package of CMI?

Rs. 20,00,000 lakhs per annum
As per the Chennai Mathematical Institute placement statistics, in the year 2019-20, the median salary offered to students was Rs. 14,00,000 per annum. The highest package offered in the year 2019-20 was Rs. 20,00,000 lakhs per annum.

Is CMI better than ISI?

ANSWER (1) Theoretical and Applied Computer Science courses are more advanced in CMI compared to ISI. But, at least the computer Science course structure at CMI is very well organized. So, I will conclude my answer by saying that if you are not from Olympiad background then Maths is a better option for you.

Can a dropper give CMI exam?

As far as I know yes, droppers are eligible for the CMI exam, I have also referred the Internet and it says the same. It’s written Class 12th or Equivalent, not 12th pass.

Is Chennai Mathematical Institute good?

“CMI is one of the finest college in India for BSc and also MSc in mathematics. Not only that it also provides degree in Computer Science or Physics also according to students choice. The faculties here are too good. Students are admitted here by entrance exam,so the quality of studies here is very good.

Is ISI and CMI same?

Both exams are Mathematical aptitude tests for Class 12 students to get admission in UG courses. CMI entrance exam is conducted by Chennai Mathematical Institute , whereas ISI entrance exam is held by Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata .

Which is more tough IIT or ISI?

The syllabus is also a bit different from the JEE, it has a few extra chapters which aren’t there in the JEE. Since it has only math, there is a more exposure to the questions that can be asked in the exam, so I would rate the ISI exam tougher than that of the JEE.

How many students are selected in CMI?

Placements: The CMI entrance exam is conducted around July, and on average of about 10,000 students write this exam. The exam is difficult, and about 100 students were selected for admission.

How many students write ISI exam?

According to 2019,number of students appearing for ISI for UG is 217,PG is 411 and doctoral students is 2016.So,similarly in 2020 was almost same. Accordingly,same no. of students have filled the form for the year 2021.