How can I get scholarship from Pakistan to USA?

US Fulbright Scholarship for Pakistani Students 2022 is a fully-funded scholarship opportunity in the USA. The Fulbright 2023 is one of the biggest and top scholarship programs in the United States of America. The Fulbright awards are available for the master’s and doctoral degree programs.

How can I apply for usaid scholarship in Pakistan?

Deserving students can apply for scholarship on Application forms are also available at the respective University’s Financial Aid Office. Completed forms along with the necessary documents will be submitted to the same Financial aid Office, HEC will NOT accept any application form directly. ‚Äč

How do I apply for US aid scholarship?

How To Apply. Student will fill in the form and submit it along with all the documents as mentioned in the scholarship form. Students applying for admission and financial assistance will fill out both the applications and submit the form to the University Admissions Office and Financial Aid Office respectively.

Which country is best for scholarship for Pakistani students?

The top five countries from Studyportals where Pakistani students choose to go abroad are: Germany, Canada, Australia, Austria, Sweden….Examples of universities we recommend in Germany:

  • IU International University of Applied Sciences.
  • Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)
  • University of Cologne.

Is Pakistani degree valid in USA?

Due to the difference in education system in every country, the degree that you earned in your home country might not be the same equivalent in USA. The same applies to those who are coming from Pakistan. The structure of education in your home country plays a big role in this process.

How do I apply for HEC Scholarship 2021?

Apply online at HEC website: . After registering and filling your profile, please select “Learning Opportunities Abroad” under “Scholarship and Grant” menu in left hand side panel of the online portal. After submission of the application, get its printed copy to be signed by the candidate.

What is usaid Scholarship?

The USAID-funded Merit and Needs-Based Scholarship Program funds full-tuition scholarships and stipends for talented yet economically disadvantaged Pakistani youth to earn a bachelor’s or master’s degree at any of 31 partner universities across Pakistan.