Does Viasat require a satellite dish?

Yes, Viasat internet requires a satellite dish to receive the internet signals from the satellite.

How big is the Viasat satellite dish?

about 30 inches by 28 inches
The Viasat satellite Dish is about 30 inches by 28 inches, approximately the same size as a satellite TV dish.

Does Viasat work with dish?

Combine Viasat Internet with DISH TV for your whole home internet and entertainment solution! DISH is the only TV provider to offer a two-year TV price guarantee. You also enjoy no fee for the first receiver (only with DISH) and get access to more than 80,000 movies and shows On Demand.

What equipment does Viasat use?

The equipment needed for Viasat includes a Satellite antenna dish, transceiver and bracket assembly, Viasat WIFI Gateway which contains a modem, wireless router, and VoIP phone adapter (if using phone service), a 7 foot or longer cable and a possible pole.

Does Viasat charge for installation?

One-time standard installation fee is $300.00. All fees are subject to taxes. Equipment must be returned upon cancellation of service, otherwise an unreturned equipment fee will apply. Non-standard installations may result in additional charges.

What direction does Viasat dish face?

Viasat-2, which was launched in 2017 along with Viasat’s newest Unlimited line, provides an additional 260 Gb/s of throughput and is located at 69.9 degrees west longitude.

Does Viasat offer cable TV?

No, Viasat does not offer cable. Viasat is a satellite internet provider specializing in providing high-speed internet service in remote locations and rural areas. Viasat satellite internet customers have the option of bundling DIRECTV satellite television or Viasat Voice VoIP phone service with their internet plan.

Will any router work with Viasat?

Yes, you can use your own router with Viasat satellite internet. Any modern router will work with Viasat internet service; however, you may want to opt to use the Viasat Wi-Fi Gateway, a modem with built-in Wi-Fi that comes with your Viasat service plan.

Will any modem work with Viasat?

Yes, your Viasat Internet service will come with a new Viasat modem or gateway with built-in WiFi. If you want, you can use any modern wireless modem.

How long does it take to get Viasat installed?

2 to 3 hours
Installation of your service, including the satellite dish, typically takes 2 to 3 hours.